Five Things to Ask Your Nanny Agency



Hiring a caregiver for your children is often times the best option if you and your spouse both have to work to make a living. Not everyone has relatives to turn to for help, and the right nanny could easily fill in the void. The good news is that choosing a nanny agency doesn’t have to be some difficult, drawn out task that leaves you at the end of your wits. You just have to know what to look for.

Over the years, dozens of nannies have made the headlines for either scamming a family or injuring a child. By knowing what to look for early on, you can make sure that people like Cheryl Ann White, Jimena Barreto or Louise Woodward get nowhere near your children.

  1. Is There Training? – All nannies should have a certain amount of training before they’re entrusted with the welfare of a child. The process of choosing a nanny agency should always include asking about whether or not it provides CPR and other types of training to its nannies.
  2. Can They Provide References? – Each nanny should come with a list of references along with their resume. Hearing a few solid recommendations could be an indication that you’ve found the right one. If you hear a negative review, it’s probably best to keep looking.
  3. Has Anyone Ever Been Fired? – A nanny that is not on time or leaves a child alone is a parent’s worst nightmare. The best nanny agencies will not tolerate their employees showing up late. If an agency doesn’t know how to hire a nanny that has a strong work ethic, they shouldn’t be taken seriously.
  4. What is Their Screening Process? – Does the agency itself ask for references? Do they conduct criminal background checks and drug testing? If they don’t, be sure to ask why. You should never feel like there are unanswered questions about the person coming into your home to look after your children.
  5. How Long Have They Been in Business? – You wouldn’t expect anyone else to trust a company that’s been around for a few months, would you? A nanny agency that has been conducting a successful operation for several years should always be at the top of your list. In this kind of business, experience always matters!

Adhering to a list like this will help to keep the process of choosing a nanny agency as simple and efficient as possible. As long as you don’t settle, you’ll be able to provide your children with a caring and patient caregiver that won’t give you cause to worry whenever you’re not around.

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