Do You Need Soft, Breathable, Waterproof Sheets for Baby Beds?


Twin fitted sheet only

Natural, hypoallergenic sheets, washable and easy care, made from sustainable fibers. What more could you want? They’re waterproof too, making them perfect for kids’ and baby beds. In fact protective waterproof sheets are an excellent replacement for the crackly, uncomfortable plastic mattress protectors. Baby waterproof sheets are soft, gentle to the skin, and easy to clean.

New technology for waterproof sheets
It’s finally possible to have it all: easy to clean sheets that are also waterproof, that come in a range of soft pastel colors, that are gentle on the skin. New technology makes it possible to replace the plastic baby bed and crib mattress protectors you’ve been using with soft, breathable sheets that are also waterproof.
Baby waterproof sheets actually offer superior protection, and best of all, they’re made from fabric, not pieces of plastic. Your baby will sleep better on a softer bed. And best of all, with waterproof sheets available for kids’ and full-sized beds, you and your older kids can sleep better too.

Sleep better on clean, fresh sheets
It’s actually true that you sleep better on clean, soft sheets. A survey found that three out of four people actually look forward to sleeping on clean, freshly scented sheets. Babies prefer them too, which is why baby waterproof sheets can ensure that they get all the rest they need to grow, learn and play.
Most people need eight to ten hours of sleep a day to function at their peak. That means adults spend about a third of their lives in bed. Newborns need even more sleep, anywhere from about ten and a half hours to as much as eighteen hours a day.

Wake up rested and ready to go
School age kids, from grades 1 to 5, need about ten to eleven hours of sleep a night, though they get a little less than that. On average, they sleep about nine and a half hours a night. That’s why it’s important for them to be comfortable in bed. With soft, hypoallergenic sheets and hypoallergenic pillow cases, they can get a good night’s rest and be ready for whatever the next day brings.
Most people too, around 82% of all Americans, would like to have an extra hour of sleep, but that’s not always possible. Comfortable sheets and pillowcases in soft colors make sure that even if you’re a little short of sleep, you’re well rested.

Soft waterproof sheets are antibacterial
Unlike plastic waterproof mattress protectors, baby waterproof sheets are soft and infused with zinc, which has antibacterial properties. This means odor reduction for baby and kids beds. No one likes to sleep on a messy or smelly bed, and that’s especially true for kids and babies
Baby waterproof sheets and kids fitted sheets are also breathable, and help to protect the skin. Babies have soft skin that’s very vulnerable to chafing and rashes of all kinds. Baby waterproof sheets help to protect their skin and keep it soft and supple.

Baby waterproof sheets that are soft, washable and come in pleasant colors: that’s not a dream, but a reality thanks to new technology. You can get them for baby beds, and for kids and adult sized beds too, so the while family can get a good night ‘s sleep.

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