7 Tips to Help You Through Your Ibogaine Detox Experience


Ibogaine addiction treatment facility

Drug and alcohol addiction are problems for people all over the planet. It has been estimated that alcohol is the third leading cause of preventable deaths in the United States. Many people who suffer from alcohol or drug addictions go to an ibogaine addiction treatment facility for detox and recovery from their addition. If you plan to go to an ibogaine treatment center for detox, there are some things you can do to have a better experience.

  1. Get into the right state of mind. Before you start your detox at the ibogaine treatment center, you need to avoid any alcohol for at least five days. You also need to get your mind in the right state to begin your recovery from your addiction. Get ready for the first step in the journey that is recovery from addiction.
  2. Eat healthy food. While there is no set diet that should be followed before you start your ibogaine treatment, the detox process is very taxing on the body. You should make sure you have nutritious meals before and during your time at the ibogaine clinic. You should also make sure you are well hydrated when you start your detox. This is always helpful when you are trying to detox from drugs or alcohol.
  3. Bring comfortable clothes. The detox process, whether you are using ibogaine or some other method, is very uncomfortable. You want to wear the most comfortable clothes that you have so that at least that feels decent. They should not be tight or binding in any way. When you are going through detox, the poisons are leaving your body and this may impact how you interpret temperature. You may be cold one minute and then hot the next. This is a normal part of any ibogaine or other detox process.
  4. Be prepared to be dizzy. Whether you are detoxing from alcohol, opiates or something else, for the first few days, you may be dizzy. If that happens when you are on the way to the restroom, make sure you ask for help. The last thing you need is to fall and hit your head during your detox. There will be staff at the ibogaine clinic to help you, make sure you reach out and get the help that you need.
  5. Keep a positive attitude. Your detox and your recovery take time. You did not become addicted overnight and you will not get all of the poison out of your system immediately. There will be moments when you want to give up. Knowing that the bad moments will pass and it will get better can help you get through these scary moments. The more positive you can keep your thoughts, the better able you will be to get through the detox experience. They say there is power in positive thinking and that is very true when you are dealing with recovery and detox.
  6. Do not enforce an external timeline on your detox or recovery. Everyone has a different experience with detox and recovery from drug and alcohol recovery. Your timeline is your own. Do not expect to have the same experience as other people you know who have been through something similar. The more you try to force the experience and the more you expect to have the same experience as someone else, the harder you will make it on yourself. Focus on the positive changes you are looking to make in your life and how you want your life to be when you are done.
  7. Pay attention to your needs. There are not a lot of times when people can take time and focus totally on their own needs. When you are going through recovery and detox from alcohol and/or drug addiction, you need to spend your time focusing on your needs. Anyone who has flown on a plane is familiar with the instructions to put an air mask on yourself before you help other people. The same can be said here. Until you have done what you need to do to take care of yourself and deal with your addition, you cannot really help anyone else.

The detox and recovery from addiction is complicated and personal but it is possible to succeed.

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