Could a Golf Cart Help You More Efficiently Get Around Your Large Property?


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Teaching his teenager granddaughters to drive may not have been the intent when the 84-year old grandfather purchased his first golf cart, but it was a pretty nice bonus for everyone involved.
Golf carts are used in increasing varied ways across the country. In the case of an 84-year old grandfather who was hoping to find an easier way to spray the weeds around his more than 200 tree saplings, the golf cart was supposed to be a pretty simple solution. Once he sprayed the first group of trees by himself with the golf cart, however, this tree planting grandfather realized the process could be even faster with a second person. Knowing that his 13 and 15-year old granddaughters were coming for the weekend he saved the rest of the spraying until they arrived.
Knowing that he should be the one handling the spray, and emphasizing to his granddaughters that their golf cart driving needed to happen under adult supervision and off the small town roads, he began teaching both girls the basics. Instructing them in only using their right foot like they would in the cars that they would drive some day, he taught them how to apply the gas or the brake pedals with just enough pressure to keep the cart going at a constant pace. The steering required to get close to the small trees without hitting them took an extra level of both skill and patience.
By the end of the afternoon, the trees had been cared for, the grandfather was excited that the task had gone so efficiently, and the girls were now pretty well skilled behind the wheel. The golf cart driving tasks became a habit and an anticipated part of the visits to see Grandpa, and had the added bonus of providing valuable skills for the girls who would be driving in a few years.
Pre-Owned Gold Carts Can Serve a Variety of Purposes in a Variety of Locations
Available in a variety of sizes and in a variety of price ranges, used golf carts can provide an alternative to expensive gas guzzling trucks and tractors, as well as serve more traditional purposes.
On the course. Obviously, the original intent of golf carts is to get avid players from one hole to another as they play their favorite courses around the country. Equipped with convenient platforms and straps to contain bags, new and refurbished golf carts have been a staple of private country clubs and public courses for decades.
College campus tours. With the options of sizes that can carry from two to 10 passengers, golf carts are becoming increasingly common on university campuses around the country. Either as an option to protect guests from the elements or as a simple method to make a big campus seem more manageable, golf carts are a popular part of many campus tours.
Athletic team trainers. Whether it is a college or high school football field or track, golf carts are a fast and efficient way for trainers to get to the athletes who need them the most. In the event of an injury that does not require a stretcher, the golf cart cargo box that can typically carry 370 pounds is a great solution for helping injured players quickly get off the field.
Main source of transportation. From small places like Catalina Island off the coast of California to the retirement communities like The Villages in Florida, extensive golf cart trail systems provide easy access. Because they take less space to park and because they can charge overnight, golf carts are a logical alternative to other more expensive vehicles.
State fairs and other trade shows. Golf carts have become so popular at some state fairs and farm implement shows that they are often available for rent. On a first come, first served basis, these popular forms of transportation are snatched up quickly when they are provided as a way to get around large areas of displays and events.
The fact that the life of one golf cart battery can last for two to three days makes this driving option more popular than trucks and cars which often have to be refilled with expensive gasoline more often.

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