3 Frequently Asked Questions About Newborns, Explained


Getting newborn to sleep

Becoming a parent for the first time can be an especially daunting process. It is incredibly exciting, but no matter how much you seem to prepare for their arrival, new babies come with many surprises. So in order to help you out some new parents in figuring out the ins and outs of the first week at home, here are three frequently asked questions, answered.

Question: Will my baby be able to bond with me right away?

Answer: Typically yes, but you have to dedicate a lot of time in the beginning for it. A great technique for this is to spend time skin to skin, so they can get used to your touch. When you are feeding them, stroke and gently massage them to get them accustomed to their surroundings.

Another way to bond is to look your baby right in the eye and speak to them. They will soon be able to recreate your expressions and coo back to you. This is their first attempt at communication besides crying, so it is crucial for their development.

Question: Are there any newborn sleep patterns I should be aware of?

Answer: Getting used to a newborn sleeping schedule can be complicated as your child isn’t aware of the differences between night and day. Typically newborn babies sleep for only one to two hours at a time, so their newborn sleep patterns can be difficult to adjust to. Just follow some of these newborn sleep tips to get you and your little one accustomed:

1. Try not to wake them up too much during nighttime feedings and diaper changes.

2. Don’t automatically go to them when they cry during the night. Wait a minute to see if they can calm themselves down first.

3. Adjust the light settings so they can differentiate between night and day.

4. Stay active during the day so he will remain awake and become more tired at night.

Question: How often should I bathe my newborn?

Answer: Newborns only need about one bath a week, and anything more will dry out their skin. Simply use baby wipes in between baths, or a warm cloth.

After a few days, you will get used to daily life with a newborn. Stay calm, and cherish these moments!

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