Considerations For Giving Your Old Clothing To Charitable Organizations


Donating to charity has become a widespread thing to do all throughout the United States. The data supports this claim, showing that up ot 3% of the total cumulative income generated over this 12 month span goes to various charitable organizations. Effectively, this means that up to 70% of the total population of the United States is giving to charity at least once, if not even more frequently than that, in this span of time. After all, there are a great many charities out there to donate to. Veterans charities are just one popular type of charity in the world, and allow for people to support those who have fought for our freedom and served this country. As such people can sometimes struggle when back in ordinary civilian life, having access to such charities and having people regularly donating to them is certainly something that can be hugely beneficial indeed, to say th every least.

American Red Cross is another important charitable organization, serving people all throughout the country as a whole. Fortunately, it receives a great deal of donations, coming in 13th in terms of the private donations that it gets. But the American Red Cross is in need of other types of donations, especially since it stays open each and every day of the year as well as each and every hour of the day, for that matter. It provides shelter, of course, but blood donations to the American Red Cross help a great many people, such as those who have been injured in the various natural disasters that come up over the course of the year.

In addition to this, Red Cross centers provide blankets, food, and clothing. Of all of these things, clothing donations are likely to be quite easy to give indeed. After all, the average person has more clothing than they know what to do with, even, with a typical person in the United States consuming, on average, as many as 68 various articles of clothing over the course of just one single year. And in addition to this, such a person will consume up to seven different pairs of shoes as well. In total, this means that up to 20 billion garments are consumed over the course of a mere 12 months here in the United States, with the average adult now consuming and buying more than double what someone who lived just 20 years in the past would have been consuming and buying.

Unfortunately, this leads to a great deal of waste indeed, with the average adult discarding and simply throwing away up to ten pounds of clothing alone over the course of just one year, let alone any other textile goods. This is hugely detrimental from an environmental standpoint, and even serves to promote the industry of fast fashion, something else that is also hugely detrimental to our planet and its overall well being. Fortunately, donating your clothing instead of simply throwing it away is something that can actually make quite the big difference. And taking the time to donate clothes has become easier than ever before. After all, all you really have to do is find your nearest Red Cross clothing pickup site. And with the prominence of the American Red Cross in and of itself, a Red Cross clothing pickup site should be not all that difficult to find. After all, the average Red Cross clothing pickup site can be easily found in just about every single community out there. In many cases, more than one Red Cross clothing pickup site might even be possible per community, depending on what level of demand for the Red Cross clothing pickup site there is.

At the end of the day, a Red Cross clothing pickup site makes giving American Red Cross clothing donations easier than ever before. And while you might not think that clothes donations can have all that big of an impact, you’d likely be wrong on this subject. After all, even small changes can compound to make a larger scale change, one that has true significance on many different facets of this world. It can start at the Red Cross clothing pickup site.

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