6 Top Things to Know When Maintaining Your Metal Roof


The roof is one of the striking features of your house’s exterior. As a homeowner investing in a roof customized to your preference is a great decision to make. Currently, there are many roofing materials to choose from. One of the most reliable is the metal roof. You can get durable, stylish and resilient metal roofs from metal roofing companies.

A metal roofing company with a custom metal fabrication experience is best suited to deliver installation services. Well laid out metal roofs create an excellent curb appeal. For a more traditional look, metal roofs resemble wood-like shingles, and corrugated sheets give metal roofs a modern look.

It is important to maintain and preserve the longevity of your roof. Here are a few metal roof maintenance tips to help you get the desired results.

1. Conducting Regular Roof Inspection

Did you know that metal roof maintenance done at least once a year can help curb problems at an early stage? Metal roofing contractors can help spot potential hazards and prevent long term system failure. Given their experience, they can walk along the joists and purlins without any hassle hence reducing foot traffic on your metal roof.

If you own a residential metal roof, you can walk along the horizontal support structures looking for scuffs, dents, and chippings.

2. Debris Removal Tasks

The roof surface is bound to gather leaves and branches over time. It is important to contact a metal roofing company to help clear out the debris that tends to build-up more during spring and fall.

Accumulation of debris affects the appearance and quality of your roof. The organic matter settled on your roof would encourage leaking as it retains water. For your residential metal roof, you could sweep, blow-off or pick up the debris that gets stuck in valleys. Always ensure you reference your manufacturer’s warranty before you use any products or tools.

3. Cleaning Gutters and Drains

Leaves, branches, and debris tend to settle in gutters and drains which leads to clogging and poses potential damage to your metal roof. Water accumulation encourages corrosion which shatters the beauty of your metal roof.

Contact a local roofing contractor to clean out your gutters and drains. Do this at least yearly to prevent long term problems.

4. Avoiding Contact between Dissimilar Metals and Your Roof

When most metals come into direct contact, in presence of an electrolyte, they react aggressively. Copper and aluminum react corrosively which can result in the degradation of your roof. Request the metal roofing company, to use compatible materials on your roof. Another aggressive metal reaction to watch out for is copper and galvanized steel.

Your roofing contractors will most likely understand such issues when installing or maintaining your metal roof. Ensure all roofing materials are in position after stormy weather to avoid the interaction of loose metal pieces.

5. Check Your Sealants

Sealants last for a long period but exposure to inclement weather degrades them. A quality sealant should be extra thick and waterproof. Watch out for rust because it may suggest the anti-corrosion coating is wearing off.

A reputable metal roofing company should offer efficient sealants that are resistant to UV and have high insulating performance. In case you are not sure about the state of your sealant, consult a metal roofing contractor.

6. Performing Structural Roof Maintenance

Have a regular maintenance schedule with a local roofing contractor works best for your roof. The frequency would vary depending on the type of metal roof and stresses it’s subjected to. Metal roofs can withstand harsh weather conditions such as wind, hail, and snow. A home with a metal roof is likely to experience less damage because it has 140 miles per hour (mph) wind rating.

In-depth structural roof maintenance is best done by a professional metal roofing contractor. Performing this task at least once every two years significantly improves the durability of your metal roof.

Maintaining your residential metal roof is a guaranteed way of safeguarding your investment. If you are skeptical about going up your roof, then do not. Seek professional maintenance services from a metal roof company near you.

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