Millennials Are Now on the Prowl for Single Family Homes

    Written by Family Video Coupon on November 25, 2015. Posted in New homes in land o lakes fl, Real estate market for a new home, Tampa bay new homes

    Modern tampa bay homes

    Now that the housing market is recovering and on the upswing from the financial crisis, more and more younger people and older generations alike are looking for new houses. Whether they have kids, are living as a couple, or an individual is looking for single family homes in preparation for the future, there are numerous homes on the market that can cater to all of their needs.

    With more subdivisions and houses popping up all over the country, potential buyers are more interested in looking for additions or perks that add some more personal and financial value to the home. As of recent, it appears that when buying a new home, the top three priorities are having a reasonable amount of storage available, having good space throughout, and appliances. Just in 2013, about 89% of owners bought a home w