6 Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Contemporary Furniture Looking Great for Longer


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People care a lot about their furniture. Many say that they think it should reflect their personality. When asked, almost 73% agreed with this statement, “The design of my furniture reflects my personality.” About 67% said that this statement is true, “A lot can be said about a person from the furniture he or she owns.” Many people also think that furniture should last a long tie. If you have contemporary furniture, there are some things that you can do to keep it looking great.

  1. Pay attention to the label. All modern furniture has a label on it that gives instructions for how the furniture should be cared for. The manufacturer knows what needs to be done to keep their products looking new and great. Following those instructions can really make your furniture stay looking like it did when you bought it for a longer time.
  2. Keep it out of the sun. You should stay out of the sun to keep your skin healthy and looking great and the same thing can be said of your furniture. Direct sun can do a lot to age your furniture and make the color fade. If you have to place your items in a space that gets direct sun, the next best thing is to move it around often so that you can minimize the amount of sun the items get. Another option is to put a film to your windows to keep out the rays from the sun.
  3. Turn your cushions over. Most people like to sit in the same space on their couch. This ca cause the cushions to lose their shape. One way to prevent this from happening to your contemporary furniture is to flip your cushions over from time to time. That can prevent some of the wear and tear. You should also make it a point to vacuum them when you vacuum your floor.
  4. Protect your furniture from water. Water can do a lot of damage to your custom contemporary furniture. To prevent this from happening, there are some things you can do. Fret not, if your Aunt Edna protected her furniture with uncomfortable plastic covers, you may think that is how you protect your contemporary furniture but there are other ways. When people have beverages, get coasters to protect the tables you place them on. Use tablecloths and placemats when you are having meals.
  5. Keep it all clean. Dirt and dust can be really terrible for most furniture. Use cleaners made for your furniture items or use a soft cloth with a mild soap and lukewarm water. Do this every week to keep your items clean and looking great.
  6. Pay attention to the needs of your furniture’s material. Different materials needs different kinds of care.
    • Custom wood furniture: You need to use a soft cloth and mild wood soap. Wipe the items down with a damp rag with the cleaner and then use a second cloth to wipe it dry. You never want to let too much liquid get onto your wood furniture.
    • Leather furniture: This can be easy to keep looking great. A good DIY cleaner can be made by mixing water and vinegar (one half water and one half vinegar) works well. Like the wood items, you should dry leather off and not allow liquid to stay on these pieces. You can also vacuum your leather furniture from time to time. You may also get products to treat your leather furniture to prevent damage and to make sure it is not able to dry out.
    • Fabric furniture: Start off by vacuuming the pieces to get all of the dust and dirt off. To find what cleaning products you can use, refer to the label on the pieces. You should always test the cleaners you want to use on an inconspicuous spot before moving to clean the full item. Use mild soap to clean your fabric furniture.

You can keep your contemporary furniture looking great for a long time if you take some time and make some effort to clean it and protect it from the sun, water and dust and dirt. Handcrafted furniture needs a little bit more but is worth it.

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