4 Tips for an Amazing Camping Adventure


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Did you know that some 40 million Americans — or 14% of the total population — will go camping every year? It?s no surprise that camping is a popular activity across the U.S. It represents an opportunity to get back in touch with nature, spend time with family and friends, and relax rather than rush from tourist spot to tourist spot in an overcrowded city.

If you plan on going camping this year, what should you keep in mind? Here are four great tips for your next outdoor adventure whether you’re in a tent, or getting family cabin rentals.

1. Containers for Everything

Part of the fun of camping is ?making do? and finding unique solutions to obtaining things you?d normally take for granted. Don?t go camping without the spices you need to ?un bland? your food — store that stuff in tic-tac containers! Similarly, it?s easy for toilet paper to get soggy or crushed. Store it on an empty coffee container instead!

2. Have Easy to Use Firestarters

It?s easier than you think to go through a whole box of matches, especially when the wood is more wet than dry. And although everyone claims to be an expert fire starter, we?ve all been witness to the tall tales of Boyscout days. How can you prepare for your next campfire? Coat a few cottonballs with vaseline and keep them in a plastic baggie. Once you need to start a fire, just pull out a bit of cotton, twist it into a wick, and light up. This can help you get a fire started.

3. Bring Fun Meal Options

Eating hot dogs for every meal will fill you up, but it can get boring after a while. Research some fun, easy ways to cook your food and bring those ingredients along. For example, you can make ?mini calzones? with a cupcake tin quite easily so long as you have pre-made dough, sauce, cheese, and optional veggies or meat. It?s also worth pointing out: you can cook almost anything in aluminum foil? so bring it along!

4. Consider Cabin Camping

If you don?t really like the idea of investing a couple hundred dollars in sleeping bags and tents — and sleeping on the cold, lumpy ground — then you may want to consider family cabin rentals. This way you can still have an authentic camping experience, and you don?t have to worry so much about where to store things or how to keep bears out of your trash. Family cabin rentals are also incredibly affordable compared to what you?d have to spend in a hotel (or even an AirBnB!).

Family vacations are supposed to be fun — so consider family cabin camping this year! Keep these four tips in mind and you?re very unlikely to regret it!

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