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    Three Signs You Need a Rental Property Management

    Written by Family Video Coupon on December 31, 2014. Posted in Manage my property, Property management companies st. louis mo, St. louis property management company

    St. louis property management company

    From a purely economic standpoint, owning rental property seems like the perfect investment opportunity: by simply purchasing a building and converting it into apartments, a landlord is able to collect rent and other tenant payments for the foreseeable future, creating a steady and profitable source of income. However, in reality, it is rarely so simple: landlords have to handle tenant disputes, maintain their properties, and invest a significant amount of effort into renting out available units. Additionally, some people may simply not have the right disposition for the business. For this reason, many people choose to hire property management services, such as residential Continue Reading | No Comments

    Three Ways to Use Shrubs and Trees in Your Yard

    Written by Family Video Coupon on December 8, 2014. Posted in Designer gardens, Garden design, Plants for gardening

    Low maintenance plants for landscaping

    When asked to name the key feature of a great, well-landscaped yard, most people would likely list off fire pits, decks and patios, beautiful flowers or the perfect shade of green grass. Few would probably say shrubs and trees, which are often used to create a backdrop for the space rather than functioning as a standout feature. However, shrubs and trees are a vital part of any landscape design: they provide privacy, shelter your home from wind and noise, and help your yard look full and lush in all seasons. If you’re interested in using these often unappreciated plants in your garden, consider these easy uses below!

    Create Ground Cover
    While a lot of homeowners c

    Adjustable Beds Can Help With ALS Patients

    Written by Family Video Coupon on December 6, 2014. Posted in Medical adjustable beds, Reclining lift chairs, Styles of adjustable beds

    Adjustable beds for restful sleep

    Adjustable beds and hospital beds can tilt upward or down both at the head and feet. The heights of adjustable beds can also be raised and lowered to comfort and specifications, allowing for easier transfer. A bona-fide hospital bed is actually considered a medical device and is therefore FDA-regulated. Increasingly, retail adjustable beds are able to be used in the exact same ways as hospital beds, or very similarly, but they’re held to a different set of standards by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. Although they may be comparable products, insurance will usually only cover an FDA-approved product.
    We spend a lot of time distancing adjustable beds from medical uses, because t

    Are Charities in Your Area Looking for Donations for the Holidays? Here’s What You Could Give

    Written by Family Video Coupon on December 1, 2014. Posted in Charity clothing pick up, The best charities to donate to, Veterans clothing donations

    Purple heart donate

    It’s an unfortunate fact that many families in the United States don’t have what they need for the holiday season. As temperatures drop and winter sets in, some families have difficulties finding what they need to get through the cold months. In order to keep helping families in need during this time of the year, many charities spend time looking for donations from their surrounding communities to make a difference.

    Just what sorts of items are these charities seeking? Those who are looking for donations need all kinds of supplies to help others. Here are just a few things that many local charity organizations may ask for:

    1. F

    The Benefits of Volunteering Your Time During the Holiday Season

    Written by Family Video Coupon on December 1, 2014. Posted in Donation pickup, Donations for military families, Helping military families

    Veterans charities

    With the official start of the holiday season behind us, there’s no excuse not to be in the holiday spirit of joyfulness, sharing, and spending time with those who are dearest to your heart.

    However, for many, especially those in the military community, the holidays can be a trying time, due to long deployments with infrequent communication, tight budgets, and frequent moves. During this time, military families and veterans usually turn to charities for military families for support in helping them get through this difficult time.

    During this holiday season, what better to help support military families and