Three Ways to Use Shrubs and Trees in Your Yard


Low maintenance plants for landscaping

When asked to name the key feature of a great, well-landscaped yard, most people would likely list off fire pits, decks and patios, beautiful flowers or the perfect shade of green grass. Few would probably say shrubs and trees, which are often used to create a backdrop for the space rather than functioning as a standout feature. However, shrubs and trees are a vital part of any landscape design: they provide privacy, shelter your home from wind and noise, and help your yard look full and lush in all seasons. If you’re interested in using these often unappreciated plants in your garden, consider these easy uses below!

Create Ground Cover
While a lot of homeowners choose to use privacy trees and shrubs around the outskirts of their yard to shield their property from unwelcome views or prying eyes, many are beginning to use these plants as a form of drought-resistant ground cover. Most people are aware that grass takes a lot of water and care to stay lush and trimmed, a fact that can often make it difficult to maintain. Meanwhile, low-growing shrubs like dwarf summersweet look more interesting and require less care, making it a great choice for busy and environmentally-conscious homeowners.

Direct Traffic
No one likes a guest who tramples through their garden, but its hard to blame them if your yard doesn’t separate pathways from the rest of the lawn. Shrubs and trees are an easy way to define open space from boundaries and direct traffic away from undesirable areas. This technique can be as open or subtle as you like: try lining pathways with shrubs or simply placing a few plants near property lines and other key areas.

Create Focal Points
Every yard needs a focal point, and while a lot of homeowners choose to use flowers or architectural features, shrubs and trees can also be an attractive option to help balance out the overall effect of your yard. Try fruit trees, or flowering species like magnolias and fountain butterfly bushes to draw the eyes of your visitors.

When it comes to creating the perfect yard, every gardener will have different intentions. Some, for example, will want to make a great space for entertaining and relaxing; others, however, will be interested in conserving water or finding low maintenance plants for landscaping. Whatever your goal, however, shrubs and trees can help build the yard you want. Talk to your local gardening center or landscaping service today to discuss how shrubs and trees can improve your garden design.

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