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    What is Lurking in Your Tap Water?

    Written by Family Video Coupon on February 26, 2014. Posted in Bidet seat, Heated toilet seat cover, Water filter

    Water pitcher filter

    According to the All About Water Organization, There are an estimated 2,100 different tap water contaminants may be present in your drinking water at any time. In home water filtration systems come in many different varieties to help you obtain cleaner, purer water for drinking, bathing and household chores.

    Are you considering in home water filtration systems? Water filtration systems use advanced filtration technology to reduce industrial chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, turbidity, volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), microorganisms, and bad tastes and odors. Read on for the different options to choose from.

    1. Pitcher Purification Systems – Pitcher purification systems were first made popular by Brita, and are widely used in homes nationwide. Pitcher systems are relative

    3 Reasons to Donate Your Clothes to Charity

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    Clothing donations pick up

    The typical American household discards an estimated 68 pounds of clothing each year. In fact, fabrics like cotton, polyester, nylon and rayon make up an estimated 5% of all trash found in landfills. Are you considering donating your clothes? Below are some reasons why you should choose to do so.

    Help Yourself – What’s better than an organized closet? Several organizations that pick up donations would be willing to accept gently used clothing. Much of this clothing goes to help people in need, including the homeless, as well as support for military families and veterans. In the United States, the unemployment rate among veterans stood at 9.9% during 201

    Three Things to Look for in a Retirement Community

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    Continuing care retirement communities williamsbur

    The wide world of retirement living options is larger and more complex than most people realize. In the simplest terms, independent living is simply any kind of living space that is designed exclusively for senior citizens, or anyone 55 and older. If you or someone you love feel that it’s time to look at different retirement living options, you’ll naturally want to find the best fit for the retired individual in your life.
    When you take the time to place your parent or grandparent in a one of the better luxury retirement homes out there, you’re taking an important step to helping them live out their golden years in happiness, rather than loneliness and misery.

    • A Sense of Community – No matter what age you are, it’s important to have people to in

    Three Ways to Secure an Affordable Wedding Reception

    Written by Family Video Coupon on February 23, 2014. Posted in How to find a wedding venue, Planning a wedding reception checklist, Where to have a wedding reception

    Good brunch places

    Are you one of those individuals who believe that terms like “affordable wedding receptions” are oxymoron’s? If so, then you may be in for a pleasant surprise. These days, there are a few ways to reduce the cost of planning a reception. Whether you’re looking to have just a few friends and family along for your special day, or you’re planning on inviting over 200 guests, you and your significant other can easily find ways to reduce the cost.

    1. Do it All in One Place – Before you start looking for wedding reception locations, you may want to ask whether or not you want to make things simpler by having your wedding and reception all in the same place. One of the best tips for planning a wedding is to simplify thin

    The Best Beds for Chronic Back Pain Sufferers

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    Adjustable bed repair

    Do you know that between 80% and 90% of Americans complain of chronic back pain? Well, according to the American Chiropractic Association statistics, at least 90% of doctor’s patients will suffer from some kind of long-term back pain during their lives.

    Since many people don’t sleep on exactly the best beds in the world, their mattresses are the cause of their chronic back aches. A recent study showed that as many as a third of all back pain sufferers could find relief by purchasing and reposing nightly on adjustable bed mattresses.

    Whether an individual suffers from chronic back pain, or simply needs help to sleep better at night, investing in a high-quality bed and mattress can help almost anyone interested in getti

    Starting a Garden Doesn’t Have to be Intimidating

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    Shrubs and trees

    “Everything that slows us down and forces patience, everything that sets us back into the slow circles of nature, is a help. Gardening is an instrument of grace,” May Sarton, the American poet, once said. Increasingly, younger generations are turning to gardening as a way to reconnect with nature, slow down their pace, and add beauty to their lives. A hobby that was once considered the mainstay of retirees, gardening is finding new fans in the young and old alike.

    Starting a garden can be intimidating, especially for those who have dabbled before, full of hope, only to end up with small or dead plants on their hands. With practice, though, gardening with plants and shrubs, and designing a landscape, can be something that offers great pleasure and reward. Here are several tips for getting started.


    Planning a Wedding? Here Are 5 of the Most Popular Wedding Destinations in the United States

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    Event planners miami

    An estimated 30 percent of brides plan their wedding for 7 to 12 months ahead of time. For many, a wedding is one of the major highlights in their life, and finding the right location and theme for your wedding can have a significant influence on such a romantic and memorable experience. It’s been estimated that about 25 percent of couples have themed wedding ceremonies and receptions. Whether you plan on having a themed wedding or not, finding the perfect wedding location, banquet hall and party venues is important. Here is a list of 5 of the most popular wedding locations in the United States:

    1) Beverly Hills, California: When it comes to hosting your wedding in Hollywood g

    Purchasing a New Home Can be Exciting

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    Questions to ask about buying a house

    Purchasing a new home is a very exciting prospect whether this is a first home or a new home for a growing family. Many people looking for real estate in Brantford Canada know that this is a family oriented city, with a population consisting mainly couples and families.
    While you may want to rush out and start looking at all those listings you see advertised, you should get professional help when purchasing a new home. A real estate agent can help you get the process of purchasing a new home easily and without setbacks.
    One of the main things an agent will help you with