Keep Waste Out of Our Landfills, Donate Today!

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    As the winter season is slowly coming to its end, perhaps it is time to evaluate your closet to see if there is anything you need to throw out. Perhaps there is a coat that you no longer wear, leggings or tights that have grown a bit too tight, or you would just like to clear out some space in your closet. Fortunately for you there are several organizations that pick up donations so you don’t have to go out into the cold. But if you need that extra push to brave the cold here are several reasons why you should consider clothing donations:

    1.Lots of Americans Purchase Used Clothing – You may think that no one would ever purchase clothing from a thrift shop, but you’d be wrong. The average American buys 10 p

    Are Charities in Your Area Looking for Donations for the Holidays? Here’s What You Could Give

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    It’s an unfortunate fact that many families in the United States don’t have what they need for the holiday season. As temperatures drop and winter sets in, some families have difficulties finding what they need to get through the cold months. In order to keep helping families in need during this time of the year, many charities spend time looking for donations from their surrounding communities to make a difference.

    Just what sorts of items are these charities seeking? Those who are looking for donations need all kinds of supplies to help others. Here are just a few things that many local charity organizations may ask for:

    1. F

    What You Can Do For Your Country

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    Organizations that pick up donations

    What can you do for your country? Perhaps you’ve considered giving back but are unsure how to do so or where to begin. There are several charities for military families and veterans that make it convenient to donate gently used clothes and other household items.
    Helping military families by making charitable donations
    is an excellent way to show your appreciation and support an honorable cause.

    Clothing donations are a common way of helping military families and veterans. Not only are helping those in need, you are also helping the environment. Did you know that the average American household