Keep Your TV Remote From Wandering Away With These Three Tips

    Written by Family Video Coupon on October 31, 2014. Posted in Magnavox tv remote, Tv remote controls replacement, Universal remote codes

    Replacement remote controls

    TV remote controls seem to know how much we depend on them, and they always seem to know the absolute worst time to go missing. You probably tend to assume that any missing remote is just hiding in your couch cushions, because that’s actually the number one spot where lost remotes go to live. But every time you think to check there, the remote has moved elsewhere. Every time you think “Nah, it’s never where I’d think to look first,” and so you spend an entire hour tearing apart your whole house looking for it, just to find out that yep, it was buried in the couch the whole time.

    As embarrassing as this problem seems, you’re not alone at all. The average American TV watcher is estimated to spend about two weeks looking for lost TV remote controls in one lifetime. (And everything