Why Making Disabled Veterans Donations is A lot Easier Than You May Have Ever Imagined

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    Purple heart clothing donations

    There are a lot of noble causes that one can choose to donate to. From supporting those who are survivors and victims of domestic abuse to protecting and raise awareness about animal rights, there are a variety of ways you can show your solidarity and align with those who want to make the world a better place.

    However in light of the recent string of terrorists attacks committed by extremist Muslim groups — or according to conspiracy theorists, the Illuminati or New World Order (NWO) — a renewed sense of patriotism has swept the United States and has inspired a growing number of Americans to make charitable donations — especially disabled veterans donations — to a variety of wounded veteran charities.

    You might be one of many, many good hearted Americans who are eager to stand i

    It’s Starting to Get Chilly Out There, Make Used Clothing Donations This Holiday Season

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    The best charities to donate to

    We live in one of the most abundant countries on Earth, and so many of us want to give back, but what?s the best way? There are so many charitable organizations that are deserving, and so many people in need, from children who need clothing, to veterans? charities, families in need, and so many more. So, what are the best charities to donate to, and what?s the best way to go about donating?

    The total giving in the United States, in 2014, to charitable organizations, was more then $350 billion. That?s a lot of generous donating. But it?s not just generous, it?s also smart, because smart donors donate to tax exempt groups, granted that status under section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. That?s right, giving can save you money at tax time. And remember, Continue Reading | No Comments

    Are Charities in Your Area Looking for Donations for the Holidays? Here’s What You Could Give

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    It’s an unfortunate fact that many families in the United States don’t have what they need for the holiday season. As temperatures drop and winter sets in, some families have difficulties finding what they need to get through the cold months. In order to keep helping families in need during this time of the year, many charities spend time looking for donations from their surrounding communities to make a difference.

    Just what sorts of items are these charities seeking? Those who are looking for donations need all kinds of supplies to help others. Here are just a few things that many local charity organizations may ask for:

    1. F

    Thinking of Donating Your Old Clothes to Charity? Here’s Why You Should

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    An astonishing 99% of all the clothing and fabric that gets thrown out or tossed away nationally can actually still be worn or recycled into brand new clothes. Think back to all the times you’ve hesitated packing up your old threads in a large garbage bag and finding the nearest donation pickup spot, then backed out because of the effort required. When you toss out a pair of jeans just because they’re torn in the knee or a once-favorite shirt because it simply doesn’t fit the same way anymore, you’re actually contributing to a landfill waste problem that could easily be prevented by simply donating the clothes to charity.

    But no charity would want my old clothes if they’re worn or