Donations for Veterans What to Give Around the Holidays

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    Best charities to donate to

    When it comes to giving to charity, many people wonder when to donate clothes, household items, and food to organizations that focus on helping families in need. The truth is that any time is the right time to give, but there’s one season that especially requires extra donations: the winter holiday season. This is also a crucial time to give to our nation’s veterans.

    Donations for veterans are important because they benefit all veterans and their families. Many of these items also go to homeles

    How to Save the Troops Once They Return Home From Combat

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    Veterans donations

    In March 2013, the estimated 200,000 U.S. Armed Forces veterans who had recently returned home were greeted not by hometown celebrations but by stark unemployment. If that wasn’t bad enough, the level of deteriorating mental health among Iraq and Afghanistan vets has reportedly reached epidemic proportions, with a combined 31% of vets affected with PTSD — and that’s not even taking into account the thousands of Vietnam vets who still deal with their struggles every day.

    With all these troubling statistics in mind, is it any wonder that tens of thousands of vets are currently without a home? Medical bills add up. Years of substance abuse problems begin to take their toll. Credit card debt suddenly becomes a tsunami of foreclosures and court dates. And yet through all the suffering of our vets’ post-co