Where Is Your Favorite Place to Donate Gently Used Clothing?

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    Military order of the purple heart

    You are ready to begin the new year. For the very first time you have all of the holiday decorations back downstairs and put away before the tenth of January. In addition, two unexpected snow days right when the kids should have been returning to school gave the whole family a chance to sort through their closets, drawers, and rooms and get rid of the clothes and other items that they were no longer using.
    What is usually a stressful and time consuming process, was much easier than anyone would have expected. In the past, you would have gone through everyone’s closets once they headed to school. Then the following weekend the negotiations about what the kids want to keep and what they want to give away would begin. It likely went better this year because the kids are a little older, but

    Three Ways to Figure Out What to Donate

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    Donate clothes

    We all know it’s important to make charitable donations, but few people actually know what types of things are worth donating. Most people just throw a bunch of old clothes into bags or boxes and then send them off, regardless of the stains, damage, and mold that may be on them.

    These clothing donations are not only useless, but also waste the time of those sorting them. Instead of getting other charitable donations ready to be given away or sold, volunteers and workers have to pick through what can be used and what should get tossed, and then throw