Clothing Donations Give the Gift of Warmth this Winter

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    There are a variety of causes and charities to support, all of them honorable in their own right. When it comes to donating to charity, people sometimes feel conflicted on what charity to support. There are many noble causes in the United States alone, one of them being supporting the homeless and poor. Across the country, there are thousands of homeless and poverty-stricken people in dire need of clothes. According to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, there are over 600,000 men, women, and children who lack basic housing. Nearly a quarter of them are children.

    As tragic as the situation is, there are solutions (albeit short-term) for helping the homeless. One of them is donating clothes to charity. Clothing donations will truly help those who for a variety of reaso

    Homelessness in America Fight the Good Fight With Clothing Donations

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    Winter this year has been particularly brutal, reaching record-breaking (or, at the very least, feels like record-breaking) temperatures, windchills, and snowfall. No group of people understand this better than the homeless in America. Unfortunately, there is a heartbreaking amount of homeless people in the United States. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development estimates that there are approximately 600,000 men, women, and children without a home to go to in any given night. Of those, 25% are children and 15% live together as families. The United States is the richest country in the world but, for a number of reasons, a huge chunk of its society are out on the streets with nowhere to go. And given the terrible winter conditions this past year, their plight just became worse.


    Opening Your Heart To Purple Heart Veterans And Military Families

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    August 7, 2014 marked National Purple Heart Day, a day in which Americans across the nation took a moment to show their appreciation and support of Purple Heart Recipients and veterans, as well as their families. August 7 is a special day, as it commemorates the date in which the medal was first issued.

    You may be wondering what is a Purple Heart in the military, and who is eligible to receive one. The military order of the Purple Heart is an honored United States military decoration given in the name of the President to those soldiers wounded or killed while serving in the military. The medal itself dates as far back 1782. To date, there are a total of 1.9 million soldiers who have received a prestigious medal from the military order of the Purple Heart.

    In light of National Purple Heart Day, Ameri

    What You Can Do For Your Country

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    Organizations that pick up donations

    What can you do for your country? Perhaps you’ve considered giving back but are unsure how to do so or where to begin. There are several charities for military families and veterans that make it convenient to donate gently used clothes and other household items.
    Helping military families by making charitable donations

    is an excellent way to show your appreciation and support an honorable cause.

    Clothing donations are a common way of helping military families and veterans. Not only are helping those in need, you are also helping the environment. Did you know that the average American household