Reasons Why Every Kidult Should be Wearing Pajama Onesies for Adults

    Written by Family Video Coupon on June 29, 2016. Posted in Adult pajama onesies

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    When you were a kid, you were probably eager to become an adult and leave your childhood behind. Now as an adult — or something like that — you’re probably feeling a little desperate to leave behind all the tough responsibilities that come with being an adult — or something like it — such as paying bills, having a job, and other big grown up things in favor of the innocence of your childhood. And frankly, who can blame you? After all being a grown up is tougher than any kid could ever imagine, something that research studies are just beginning to confirm. Several mental health clinical research studies have shown that young adults, particularly older teens and millennials, feel more stress than baby boomers. This is due to several reasons, including a highly competitive job market.

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