Reasons Why Every Kidult Should be Wearing Pajama Onesies for Adults


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When you were a kid, you were probably eager to become an adult and leave your childhood behind. Now as an adult — or something like that — you’re probably feeling a little desperate to leave behind all the tough responsibilities that come with being an adult — or something like it — such as paying bills, having a job, and other big grown up things in favor of the innocence of your childhood. And frankly, who can blame you? After all being a grown up is tougher than any kid could ever imagine, something that research studies are just beginning to confirm. Several mental health clinical research studies have shown that young adults, particularly older teens and millennials, feel more stress than baby boomers. This is due to several reasons, including a highly competitive job market.

There are, however, plenty of ways that adults of all ages can make adulthood more tolerable, less stressful and more fun. Everyone has heard about the importance of embracing their inner child, but how many adults actually take this seriously? Did you know for example that children laugh much more than adults do, and that laughter can immediately change your brain chemistry in a positive way? Unfortunately, most grown ups don’t laugh nearly enough, and this can contribute to feelings of stress, anxiety, and depression. This just goes to show that’s there a reason why laughter is considered medicine! So go ahead, do something silly, childlike, and fun to feel like a kid again. You could even call your sibling a doodie head or something like that.

But if you’re really serious about feeling like a kid again, the best way to go out about doing this is to actually look like a kid again — and not with Botox. The best way to look like a kid is to dress like one with the help of pajama onesies for adults. Pajamas for adults do little to nothing in terms of bringing back the wide eyed innocence and free spirited vigor of childhood, whereas pajama onesies for adults are able to make the oldest adults feel like a kid again.

Just take a look why pajama onesides for adults are so awesome and how they can help you embrace your inner child and give you a break from the difficulty of being an adult!

They’re super duper comfortable

Pajama onesies adults are just as comfortable as pajama onesies for kids and babies. There’s a reason why babies and kids wear them so much! Did you know that what you wear to bed has a dip impact on the quality of your sleep? While sleeping naked is ideal and has been known to increase melatonin levels — the hormone that makes you sleepy — sleeping in comfortable garb is ensure you’re getting a good night’s rest. Pajama onesies adults, like pajama onesies for kids and babies, are known for their comfort which means they can help you get a better night of rest. On top of that, pajama onesies adults are also great for just lounging around or a late night Walmart run.

They’re an expressive throwback

As a kid, you were probably a lot more sensitive to what people thought about you. But as an adult? Meh — not so much. As such, you can feel free to express yourself with pajama onesies adults, which come in a variety of different fabrics, textures, shapes, colors, sizes and prints. For example, if you were a big Nintendo fan from back in the day, you might want to consider buying Mario print pajama onesies adults in order to show off one of your favorite hobbies.

They’re a lot of fun

Doesn’t the idea of donning your favorite pjs for adults, sipping hot chocolate, and watching your favorite movies from childhood as it snows like mad man outside sound good to you? Even adults can and should have snow days, sick days, and mental health days as needed. A lot of adults feel guilty about having fun and feel that it makes them less productive, but what they don’t realize is having fun is natural and can actually make you more productive!

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