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    Got An Upcoming Event With A Lot Of Parents? Add An Inflatable Castle To Give Kids A Place To Play

    Written by Family Video Coupon on December 25, 2017. Posted in Bounce house rental, Bounce house rentals


    Kids love bounce houses. Just think back to when you were a child. Wasn’t one of the best parts of any party being able to hop into an inflatable castle with your friends away from all those boring adults? Now that you’re older there’s no excuse not to create some more fond memories for the next generation. The inflatable obstacle course and the bounce house are wonderful additions to any party, giving kids an opportunity to socialize and let out their energy while parents mingle with long-time friends.

    Did You Know?

    Think the inflatable obstacle course is a new invention? Not so fast! The inflatables industry was set up nearly 50 years ago, with Joh