Got An Upcoming Event With A Lot Of Parents? Add An Inflatable Castle To Give Kids A Place To Play



Kids love bounce houses. Just think back to when you were a child. Wasn’t one of the best parts of any party being able to hop into an inflatable castle with your friends away from all those boring adults? Now that you’re older there’s no excuse not to create some more fond memories for the next generation. The inflatable obstacle course and the bounce house are wonderful additions to any party, giving kids an opportunity to socialize and let out their energy while parents mingle with long-time friends.

Did You Know?

Think the inflatable obstacle course is a new invention? Not so fast! The inflatables industry was set up nearly 50 years ago, with John Scurlock’s son inventing the inflatable water slide in the 1990’s. The world record for the longest inflatable water slide is still 1,975 feet. Today inflatable obstacle courses, bounce castles and snow machines are used to provide young children a means of getting their recommended dose of exercise and fun. The list below will detail all the benefits you can get from adding a bouncy house to your next event and even some safety tips to ensure maximum enjoyment for all!

Tons Of Exercise

Parents are worried about their kids getting their daily recommended amount of exercise. Why shouldn’t they be? Children nowadays are often staring at their tablets, phones or computer screens, staying inside for hours and missing out on some old-fashioned sunshine. A lack of exercise can lead to an early onset of diabetes, cardiovascular disease and all sorts of nasty ailments. An inflatable obstacle course or bounce house can give kids a fun way to exercise — when a person jumps they use as many as 14 muscles in their body. According to NASA just 10 minutes of jumping is a better cardiovascular workout than 30 minutes of jogging!

A Fun Distraction

When you have a special event or corporate event to throw, sometimes it’s not possible for people to get a babysitter. An inflatable obstacle course will act the part as a place to exercise and a distraction for frazzled parents. The vast majority of parents prefer to stay with their children at birthday parties, but that doesn’t mean they can’t use a break when the day starts wearing down. Studies have shown the average grade school-aged child will have 10 to 12 party guests alongside 20 to 25 adults.

Easy To Set Up

Jump house rentals are pretty large. Would you believe they’re easy to set up and put away? Technavio has put out a recent forecast for the future of the global inflatable toy market (that umbrella including bounce houses and the classic inflatable obstacle course), with 2021 expected to bring a nice $5 billion. A bounce house can be inflated in a matter of minutes and deflated in the same amount of time, making it a modern party mainstay that will remain firm in the hearts of generations to come. Keep your instruction manual close to your chest if you have any doubts and don’t neglect the safety tips below if you want to use it to its fullest potential.

Useful Safety Tips

Just like any toy, an inflatable bounce house can be damaged if you’re not careful. While they’re designed to last, they’re still susceptible to sudden scratches, pops and tears! Considering kids often have play at the forefront of their minds, keep these tips close at hand next time you need to set up an inflatable obstacle course. No sharp objects should be allowed in the bounce castle (this includes small thumbtacks, scissors or pencils) and very young children need to be carefully supervised. Jump houses are a great way to add some flavor to any event while keeping children busy and parents sane. Ready to have some fun?

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