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    Could a Golf Cart Help You More Efficiently Get Around Your Large Property?

    Written by Family Video Coupon on August 19, 2016. Posted in Carts

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    Teaching his teenager granddaughters to drive may not have been the intent when the 84-year old grandfather purchased his first golf cart, but it was a pretty nice bonus for everyone involved.
    Golf carts are used in increasing varied ways across the country. In the case of an 84-year old grandfather who was hoping to find an easier way to spray the weeds around his more than 200 tree saplings, the golf cart was supposed to be a pretty simple solution. Once he sprayed the first group of trees by himself with the golf cart, however, this tree planting grandfather realized the process could be even faster with a second person. Knowing that his 13 and 15-year old granddaughters were coming for the weekend he saved the rest of the spraying until they arrived.
    Knowing that he should be the one handling the