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    Going to an Ibogaine Treatment Center? Prepare Yourself with These Tips

    Written by Family Video Coupon on August 4, 2016. Posted in Buprenorphine addiction, Buprenorphine addiction treatment, Cocaine addiction treatment

    Ibogaine addiction treatment

    When you exclude tobacco products, you still have 20 million Americans aged 12 and over who are addicted to something. It has been estimated that 130 million people in the United States consume alcohol regularly. Many experts feel that opiate use around the country has reached epidemic levels. Ibogaine treatment has been found to be very effective at treating addiction for a number of substances from alcohol to stimulants and opiates. It is seen as being very effective (98% effective) at reducing cravings and the symptoms that are most often associated with withdrawal from drugs and alcohol. If you are tired of the roller coaster ride that is addiction, going to a ibogaine treatment center may be right for you.

    Before you head off to that ibogaine treatment center, you should do some thi