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    The Often Untold History of Church Pews

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    on April 4, 2016. Posted in Antique church pews for sale, Church pews used, Steeples furniture

    Church steeple plans

    When people look at churches and think about the evolution of the buildings themselves, they often look at the church steeples crosses. In many towns, the churches may be the oldest structures and the steeples the tallest for miles around. It is no wonder that they garner the most attention, What may often be overlooked is the history of the church pews that are so much a part of the design and decor of the church and the services conducted within.

    If you go to church regularly, or have ever been to a service, the seating arrangements are familiar. Despite how ubiquitous the church pews may be today, this was not always the case. In fact, until the time of the Protestant reformation, most churches did not have pews at all. For at leas

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