Why You Should Consider Custom Dog Kennels


All dogs, from your neighbor’s bulldog to that tiny poodle with the rhinestone collar down the street, are descendants of wolves. And that’s why every dog has a primal urge to be outside. Dogs want to breathe fresh air, smell the grass and enjoy the wild…even if “the wild” is a suburban neighborhood. This is why a dog kennel is truly an essential piece of outdoor furniture.

Call of the Wild

Dogs have an instinct to go outside, but it’s part of a pet owner’s instinct to keep their animals safe. You want your pup to play and be happy and healthy, but you always want to keep your four-legged best buddy safe from the dangers out there in the wild world. Small dogs in rural areas are in danger of being harmed by other wildlife, and dogs of all sizes may escape their property and get lost. There are all sorts of dangers out there, but there’s one good way to keep Fido safe: a dog kennel.

What You Never Knew About Dog Kennels

It is possible to buy a dog kennel in almost any home store or pet shop. These commercial kennels are basically all the same: a large square or rectangle with no personality whatsoever. And while these structures are perfectly serviceable, they’re also a part of your outdoor landscape once you put them in the yard. Consider custom dog kennels instead.

Custom, wooden dog kennels provide the same function as any other kennel, but they also add an attractive element to your yard. It’s a simple fact that handmade outdoor furniture looks a lot better than something you can buy prefabricated in a store, and your dog and your yard both deserve a little extra attention to detail.

Custom made dog kennels can also be styled with additional features you won’t find in those store-bought varieties, such as attached dog playsets, high-quality building materials and handcrafted beauty. Custom dog kennels give your pet and you a more personalized piece of outdoor furniture that makes your outdoor spaces more appealing.

Get Your Own

It’s always an option to make your own dog kennel, but not everyone has a full set of tools, the time and the building plans to craft one. Kennels can be very detailed and extensive or extremely simple, based on your needs and wants. If you’re not a DIY type, you still have plenty of options for getting a custom kennel for your beloved pet. There are many Amish manufacturers who offer custom dog kennels that range in size and style. In fact, all Amish furniture is totally hand-crafted, so when you shop within this community you’ll know your kennel will get the time and attention your dog deserves.

Give your dog a custom kennel, and satisfy their basic urge to be outside and still stay safe.

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