Why Playgrounds and Dog Parks Are Important for the Overall Quaity of Life



Playgrounds, dog parks and other recreational facilities are important for the overall quality of life. Parks, local communities, municipalities, and even apartment complexes are starting to incorporate these into their design. As people become more aware of the need for healthy recreational opportunities, for themselves, their kids and pets, parks managers and others are looking to improve overall safety, appeal and the fun factor. Tire swings for kids and dog park fire hydrants are typical additions that will keep kids and pooches happy and entertained.

The importance of childhood play
The world of childhood has changed, and even kids’ lives today are dominated by electric screens, whether it’s the TV, video games or mobile devices. That doesn’t leave much time for play, which can be a matter of concern for parents, teachers, and just about anyone concerned with the healthy development of future generations.
Part of the problem with electronic devices is that they reduce physical activity to a minimum. But beyond that, they trap us all, kids and adults, in little bubble worlds. Play, by contrast, is a social activity that is necessary for childhood development. In fact studies have shown that kids who don’t get enough time to play and develop their motor skills in their first six years will face lifelong limitations in their brain development.

Outdoor play and the quality of life
Play is equally important for kids’ mental development and health.
Outdoor environments foster the development of motor skills. And yet children today get only half the outdoor playtime their parents did. Researcher have found that the amount of time they play outdoors is just 4 hours a week on average, while their parents played outside for an average of 8 hours a week when they were kids.
Given the importance of outdoor activity for kids, many municipalities and apartment complexes are beginning to see this as a quality of life issue. Architects and designers are starting to incorporate playgrounds for kids and pets into their plans for healthy living communities. Playgrounds with fun features like plastic tire swings and tube slides give kids plenty of opportunities for fun and exercise. Dog park fire hydrants and agility equipment likewise give the canines both physical and mental exercise.

Practical concerns for playground managers
While kids can have a great time at the playground, it’s important to keep the slides, swing seats, and other playground equipment in good repair. Most playground parts can be repaired easily, and it costs a lot less than replacing them. For managers at parks, municipalities, and apartment complexes responsible for the maintenance of playgrounds, repair kits can make sure that kids will be safe in the playground.

Handy playground repair kits also avoid the long delays involved in having the repairs done by a professional. Other equipment like trash cans and dog poop bins can also keep playgrounds and dog parks cleaner and safer for kids, pets, and their families.

Parks, playgrounds, and dog runs are all important for the overall quality of life. Outdoor play is important for the mental development as well as the physical health of children. Creative features like swing tires and dog park fire hydrants can hold the interest of kids and dogs. More utilitarian parks equipment like repair kits and trash cans can make sure that playgrounds and dog parks are safe and healthy environments.

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