Why Go To Urgent Care? The Five Financial Benefits Of Choosing Urgent Care As Your Primary Care Model


Why go to urgent care? Because you deserve healthcare resources that are just as affordable as they are effective.

Many Americans today feel they have to choose between one or the other. Not only is this untrue, this can set you up for failure down the road by stressing you out unnecessarily. Whether you recently got accepted to a new insurance plan or are uninsured, urgent care centers are designed to help you no matter what. They work as an effective middleground between a doctor’s practice and the emergency room. Minor injuries, moderate illnesses, even preventative care…you’ll be covered.

Never been to an urgent care center before? Here’s what you should know.

Urgent Care Centers Don’t Require An Appointment Or Insurance

This is one of the most relieving facts about urgent care centers. Not only can you circumvent an appointment, you don’t have to worry about your insurance plan. Stressing out over a future medical bill doesn’t do your health any favors, after all, and today’s doctors are keen on providing you an alternative. According to a recent study more than one quarter of American patients in 2016 had seen an urgent care center within the past two years. This is only going to get higher as more become privy to the benefits of the 24 hour urgent care location.

Most Emergency Room Visits Can Be Seen At An Urgent Care Center

Why go to urgent care? It’s a more affordable option that still provides you high quality treatment. A troubling study found between 45% to 65% of all emergency room episodes could have actually been treated at urgent care locations. If you’ve ever had to call an ambulance for an injury or an allergic reaction, you’re likely aware of how expensive these bills can become. A convenient quality and cost is what urgent care centers will provide you…each and every time.

Minor To Moderate Injuries And Illnesses Will Be Treated

Just like you don’t have to worry about an astronomical cost when you visit, you also don’t have to worry about what they will and won’t treat. Several injuries and illnesses are brought to the attention of urgent care doctors every day — according to a 2015 study, urgent care centers saw an average of 12,000 patients per year. The most common illnesses diagnosed were acute upper respiratory infection, acute sinusitis, and acute bronchitis. The most common injuries were fracture care and wound repair.

Wait Times Are Short And There Are Many Available Centers In The Country

Whether you have breathing difficulties or are worried about a persistent migraine, your urgent care center is ready to help. One of the most enjoyed benefits of the urgent care center are their very short wait times — according to the Urgent Care Association Of America’s 2016 Benchmarking Report over 90% of all urgent care centers have wait times of 30 minutes or less. This same report revealed there are over 7,300 urgent care centers across the country. You more than likely have one or two nearby. Some are available 24 hours, while others close in the evening.

Urgent Care Centers Are A Low-Cost Healthcare Model

Medical care shouldn’t send you into a frenzy of worry and dread. You have enough to worry about with your current symptoms. The urgent care market may be highly fragmented, according to HealthCare Appraisers, but it’s growing faster by the day. More Americans are refusing to settle for less and searching for medical care that can provide them smaller bills, faster attention, and more services. Make a note in your schedule this week to look up an urgent care center in your area.

Why go to urgent care? Because you don’t have to settle for less.

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