White Plains, NY to Build Two New Apartment Buildings


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There are a number of reasons to rent an apartment, ranging from a low level of maintenance responsibility to a greater flexibility for relocation and other life changes. For this reason, an estimated 35% of Americans rented their living space in 2014. This percentage might have been higher, but many areas are experiencing a shortage of available units. This shortage is, in turn, driving up the prices of available apartment listings, making it more difficult for lower and middle class renters to find apartments they can afford. To combat this problem, some communities are making efforts to expand the number of rental units in their area. For example, White Plains, NY is planning to build two new buildings as part of an extensive redevelopment project. Soon, a number of tenants in this populous city could find themselves filling out apartment rental applications for units conveniently located in the downtown area.

Located in Westchester County, White Plains is located conveniently close to New York City and has been consistently voted one of the best places to live in New York State. Accordingly, the city has seen a visible increase in residents over the last several years. To handle these numbers, White Plains is planning to redevelop its downtown area to accommodate a new transit hub. Recently, the Westchester County Industrial Development Agency also approved the construction of two 16-story apartment buildings nearby, which will provide affordable rentals within easy walking distance to the new train station.

While the site is currently a commuter parking lot, it will soon be filled with a 760,000-square-foot complex featuring 449 market-rate units, 112 affordable units, and a 570-space parking garage, as well as 6,300 feet of retail space. The project is expected to break ground in March, creating 533 construction and permanent jobs in the area.

The new buildings will likely make apartment hunting in Westchester County easier and more affordable for many people. However, if you are looking for a new apartment, there is no need to relocate to southern New York to find nice, cheap apartments. Look for apartment listings in your area today; you might be surprised at what you find. With any luck, you could be filling out an apartment rental application in no time. Find out more about this topic here.

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