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Church steeples have been a staple around the world for thousands of years. In fact, they began to appear after the third century. That is because for the first three hundred years, the practice of Christianity was illegal and people were forced to worship in secret in either their home or the home of a neighbor or friend. However, once houses of worship could be built, they were built with church steeples and had a cruciform ground plan.

While church steeples have been a mainstay for quite some time, church pews have not. For more than 1,000 years, people attending worship services stood and walked around while praying. The first pews were introduced during the 13 th century and were removable stone benches. Therefore, church furniture did not have to be purchased until the Protestant Reformation when the popularity of the sermon, as a central act of Christian worship began to take shape.

Then, people needed a place to sit while the prayer leader spoke. When a house of worship chooses to buy church pews, there are many varieties to choose from. While most have a bench like style, some also have cushions to sit on and foot rests. However, others are just simple wood benches. In addition, congregations can also choose to add kneelers to make kneeling prayer more comfortable. Regardless of the type, church pews are in most sanctuaries. The exception is some Orthodox congregations that do not have pews.

In the 1600s, people were seated under church steeples in church pews by social class. The higher you ranked in the social order, the closer to the alter you were seated. Up until the middle of the last century, it was common practice for the church to rent out pews in order to make some extra money. However, this became a source of controversy in the middle 1800s when free churches sprang up and became popular due to the fact that they did not charge for pew rental.

As with the pews, church steeples also have a deep history. The church steeple design usually includes church steeple crosses. Church steeples tend to be a part of the oldest building in the parish and the size of the house of worship is second only to a barn. Therefore, church steeple prices vary depending upon the size desired.

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