What to Look For When Planning Your Wedding Reception


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It’s no news to anyone in the United States that weddings are big business, making billions of dollars each year. It should also come as no surprise why: couples everywhere want their wedding days to be events they will remember for a lifetime. The average length of an engagement is sixteen months, so this gives many couples time to prepare. However, wedding planning can also be done on shorter notice if necessary, although the more time the better. If you and your significant other are engaged to be married, you know that you’re not just looking for a site for your wedding, but for the wedding reception as well. Planning wedding receptions can be difficult, so use these helpful tips to guide you through your wedding and reception planning.

1. Many couples choose to marry in a church, synagogue, or other religious site. Others prefer to marry outdoors when the weather is permitting. However, reception event venues can vary. One of the most common locations for a reception is a banquet hall. Banquet halls are large, comfortable, and visually pleasing spaces appropriate for a variety of events, from wedding receptions and anniversary parties to birthday celebrations and corporate dinners. If you choose a banquet hall, be sure to choose one that can hold the appropriate amount of guests. At some banquet halls, you may also be able to hold your wedding ceremony there as well.

2. Make sure that your reception venue can support all of the amenities you need, from catering and bar services to decorations that match your theme or color scheme. While some banquet halls will allow you to provide your own decorations, others can include them in your reception and wedding packages for that perfect finishing touch. Many banquet halls can also let you choose table linens, centerpieces, or other accessories to match your color scheme. Purple is the most popular color for wedding themes, with roughly 20% of brides choosing this hue for their decorations and wedding party; however, other colors are typically available as well.

3. The average age of first-time brides is 25, but no matter what your age, wedding planning can be a confusing process for any couple to navigate. In addition to various amenities and services, many banquet halls can also provide you with a wedding planner who will work with you every step of the way. If the hall doesn’t have a wedding planner on staff, you can hire your own and he or she will communicate with the banquet hall for you. Wedding planners are experts at planning weddings and wedding receptions, and they can easily and efficiently guide you through each step of planning your wedding.

By hiring wedding planners, caterers, and other professionals to organize your wedding reception, and by allowing courteous and attentive banquet hall staff members to finalize the details, your wedding day should be a breeze. Letting others take care of you on your special day will reduce your stress and allow you and your spouse to remember the joy of your wedding day for your lifetime. For more about this, go here.

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