Top Three Ways to Incorporate Shoji Screens in the Home


Japanese sliding door

Decorating the interior of a home is just as important and oftentimes just as complex as decorating the exterior. It is important that the different objects placed through the home complement one another and work to suffuse the environment with a unified sense of style. One style that has become very popular is an Oriental style. While there are many ways to create that style in the home, an excellent way to do so is via Japanese Shoji screens. Here are three ways to use Shoji screens to incorporate a touch of Oriental style to the home.

1. Room Dividers

Architects are very good at what they do, but there are times when the needs of the resident don’t align with the architect’s vision. Sometimes, for example, a resident may need more rooms than lay on the floor plan. One simple way to bring Shoji screens to the home is as a Japanese divider screen. Japanese divider screens are often used this way in modern interior design and are a perfect way to provide privacy when partitioning space for a bedroom. This would be especially useful for folk operating with limited space, such as those living in a studio apartment.

2. Sliding Doors

Another artful way to incorporate Shoji screens into the home is as a sliding door. These Japanese screens are crafted with patterns in a wide spectrum of colors, designs, and styles, so using a Shoji screen as a sliding door are a perfect way to bring art and utility together. This elegance has been a large draw to this style of portal as far back as the fourth century B.C. when the Chinese first invented the folding screen. To this day, it stands as both an architectural device and an artistic form of expression that can suit the needs of any interior design — especially when that design already incorporates Japanese divider screens.

3. Hanging Shoji Screens

One last way to incorporate Shoji screens into the home is to avoid placing them as a wall fixture at all. A popular method to using Shoji screens is to suspend them from the ceiling. The beautiful colors and designs featured on these screens achieves a very striking effect when they are hanging in the air. Despite the ancient origins of the screen, it is effects like this one that make it a popular feature in modern interior design. These Japanese divider screens would be a valuable addition to any home; how could you use one in yours?
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