Tips On Finding The Best Slipcovers For Outdoor Furniture


If you have a furnished patio it’s important to keep all outdoor furniture well protected from the elements. Whether you live in a warm climate year round, or you have to store your furniture during colder months, slipcovers for outdoor furniture are a must have. Without proper protection cushions can become musty and deteriorate faster, and wooden fixtures can break down. If you’re in need of slipcovers for outdoor furniture, there are a few options to keep in mind.

Types of Slipcovers For Outdoor Furniture

First and foremost, before even considering which type of patio furniture slipcovers you want, you need to know the dimensions of what you’re covering. Sometimes manufacturers will make specific covers for their furniture, so checking their websites might allow you to find what you need quickly. However, try to avoid covers that say ‘one size fits all’. If a cover is too long it will be prone to attracting dirt or collect water. Additionally, if a couch slipcover is too small, you’re not getting adequate protection. Once you’ve figured out the sizes you need, you’ll need to decide what material works best for you.

  • Waterproof Covers. There are many covers that carry the label of waterproof; however, not all are created equal. If you live in an area prone to heavy rainfall you want to make sure that the cover is able to withstand those conditions. Investing in vinyl slipcovers for outdoor furniture can prevent any unwanted seepage. These covers also protect the furniture from dust, dirt, and other debris. Be sure that all furniture is completely dry before covering it though, if covered when damp fungi and mold could grown underneath.
  • Breathable Covers. These covers have built in vents that allow for air to circulate within. Covers without these vents can be prone to developing mildew or mold; as mentioned above. The trade off is that these covers are obviously not waterproof, so you’ll have to decide what is best based on your climate and needs.
  • Soft Cloth Covers. If you have furniture that is delicate, or prone to scratching a soft cover can help protect it. These covers are especially helpful with stained wood furniture, as other covers could scratch or rub away the stained finish.
  • Tied Down Covers. Tied down covers are handy in that they can be secured easily. This can help keep the covers attached even on really windy days. These covers can come in waterproof or soft cloth varieties, and are a good choice for covering when not in use.

In addition to slipcovers, pillow covers, and zippered cushion covers can add an extra layer of protection. Covering and storing cushions and pillows inside during winter months can help keep them in good condition while the frames are covered outside.

Remember to take into consideration your climate and how the elements will affect your furniture. Waterproofing will be more important in some areas of the U.S. whereas good ventilation is important in others. If you need additional help deciding, stop into an outdoor shop and speak to someone who can go over the pros and cons unique to where you live. Patio furniture is not a cheap investment, and taking proper care of what you have can ensure it says clean and comfortable for years to come.

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