Three Ways to Save So You Can Spend More on the Luxuries


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When I first moved to Philly, my main goal was to find an affordable place that would accommodate the city living lifestyle I was so used to. I thought that maybe after a few years of living in a loft I could start looking at other Philadelphia apartment buildings that provided a more luxury living lifestyle. As time went on though, I realized that money wasn’t just going to save itself–I needed to take the necessary steps and actions if I wanted to start luxury living.

You see, it wasn’t a matter of not having enough money. I was simply misallocating my spending. Here are a few ways you can save so that you have more money for a luxury living lifestyle.


If you’re anything like I was, then you probably have a gym membership you don’t use, magazine subscriptions you don’t read, and unwatched DVD rentals sitting around your house. Be honest with yourself and cancel each of them since you’re only wasting money on them. If you want to exercise, you can invest in some weights for the same amount as your gym membership or go for a run, which is perfectly free. Put your library card to better usage. Not only does your local library have more DVDs than you’d expect, but it also gives you access to a mountain of great reads, unlike your former video rental service.


You probably know it’s cheaper to bring your lunch than it is to go out and buy it every week, but did you know that it’s also probably healthier and even tastier? Eight dollars for lunch every day of the 260 days a year you work adds up to $2,080! You can also substitute those morning coffees from Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks with some home brewed java. For further savings, you could get a water filter and some reusable water bottles instead of buying bottled water, too. This way, you have more money for fine dining and other luxury living perks.


Most places have free WiFi available nowadays, which means you don’t need to rely on your data plan nearly as much. This allows you to downgrade your mobile plan to a much cheaper alternative. What’s more, you probably don’t use as many minutes or texts as you think you do, which means you could downgrade those parts as well. You can also get rid of your landline if you have a cell phone, which completely eliminates one of your bills.

If you want to start luxury living, the key isn’t to save up, but rather reassess your budget. Reducing what you spend on unnecessary items allows you to have more money to spend on what you consider to be luxury living. If you cancel your movie rental service, you have more money for plays, for example. There are plenty of ways you can alter current lifestyle to adapt a more luxury living lifestyle. All it takes is a bit of retooling. If you have any questions about these luxury living tips, feel free to ask in the comments. Links like this.

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