Three Things Every New Parent Needs for Their Baby’s Crib


Fitted sheets for cribs

Bringing a baby into the world is an amazing experience; there is no doubt about that. If you are a new parent, you might be overwhelmed with all you have read and all of the advice you have received about your little one.

One of the most important things to consider is how to prepare a place for your baby to get the right kind of sleep. The bassinet, the cradle, and the crib are all important components of a baby’s sleeping area, and when you sort through all of the options out there, what you really need is to find what will make your child comfortable and safe.

For a newborn, sleep is extremely important. On average, a newborn baby will need anywhere from 10 to 18 hours of sleep per day. Coming into the world is no easy task and getting acclimated takes some serious sleep. As you prepare your baby’s room and are trying to decide on what kind of bedding you will need, here are three things you should consider purchasing if you don’t have them already.

1.) Mattress

Whether it is made from foam, natural fiber, or coiled spring, make sure the mattress is a firm one and fits in the crib without any gaps along the side. As babies get older, they tend to move during the night. Any gaps on the side might cause your baby to slide down and get trapped. A hypoallergenic mattress might be a good idea, though you might not know if one is necessary straight away.

2.) Sheets and blankets

Hypoallergenic crib sheets are similar in kind to hypoallergenic sheets you might have on your own bed, but it is very important to buy sheets that will fit whatever your baby is sleeping in at any given time. You can swaddle your baby until she begins to roll over onto her tummy during sleep. A simple cotton sheet works well for this.

You will also do well to purchase baby sheet protectors for your child’s crib now and bed when he gets older. Baby sheet protectors come in handy in many different ways, not the least of which is when you find yourself cleaning up the inevitable mess that newborns will often leave during sleep.

3.) Baby monitors

While a baby monitor might not help your baby sleep, it will certainly help to put your mind at ease. About three-quarters of people believe they sleep better with a freshly scented sheet on their bed and this is likely the case with your baby, as well. But, even if you have the best sheets money can buy, you still won’t get any shuteye by worrying about what is going on in the baby’s room. A quality monitor is as wise an investment as baby sheet protectors.

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