Three Reasons Why Donating Clothing is Easy and Helpful


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Individuals who are trying to get rid of clothing or items they no longer need should consider the benefit of doing clothes donations. This could be as simple as red cross clothing pick up, or even taking the items to a center and dropping them off. Besides giving back to the community, there are many other benefits, such as a tax write off, and even having the charity come and pick up the clothes directly. Here are three benefits of Red Cross clothing pick up and making donations.

Clothing Donations Are an Easy Way to Get Rid of Clothes

Over 10 pounds of clothes are dumped every year. Individuals who want to make used clothing donations will find it helpful and useful to give back to the community, by dropping off old clothing they no longer want. This could help another person, from getting them ready for a job interview, to helping them stay warm during a cold part of the year. No matter what, people always need clothes. This can be helpful from men and women needing clothing for work, to children and even babies, who outgrow clothing quickly. In cases such as these, it can be hard for the parents to replace it. By having clothing donations, this gives them a source to reach out to in times when they need help.

There Are Many Ways To Donate Clothing, and Some Charities Will Even Pick It Up

Over 65% of people donate to a charity in some form or another every year. This means that donating to charities is not as hard as one might think, and many individuals and families like to show support for their community. It can be even easier to donate when the charity comes to a home and picks up unwanted items that are ready for donation. For example, the red Cross clothing pick up ensures that the organization comes to the individuals house, and collects items that are left outside the door or near the mailbox. In some cases, volunteers may even come in to pick up larger, heavier items that the donor cannot move on their own. Either way, giving to charity has never been easier, with the many options people have available to them. This includes donation bins that simplify the process of getting rid of items.

Donating Allows Individuals to Make a Tax Deduction

Anyone who wants to donate clothes to the Red Cross or another charity will find it helpful to know that their donation is tax deductible. This means that the individual donating can write off the value of the used items, and be able to claim that on the donation portion when they file their yearly taxes. Red Cross clothing pick up counts as a donation, so individuals can feel confident in their ability to give to others, while being able to write off charitable donations they made for the previous year.

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