Three “Don’ts” For Throwing a Successful Baby Shower or Wedding Reception


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Is it your first time planning a formal event such as a wedding reception or baby shower? From tips on finding unique baby shower locations to enlisting the right planning team, these considerations will help you steer clear of common party planning mistakes to help make this task a piece of cake!

1. Don’t Skimp on Planning Time

Effective time management skills are a must when you are planning a formal event. Proactively situate yourself for success by beginning your planning process as early as possible. Nearly one third of brides spend anywhere from seven to 12 months planning their weddings. Depending on the event at hand and how many guests are invited, it may make sense to give yourself even longer to ensure everything will run smoothly on the special day. Time is needed to compile guest lists, book a venue, and plan catering for events, in addition to planning decorations and music. It is easy to let this stress you out, but just remember: if you stay organized and stick to the schedule, everything will come together.

2. Don’t do it Alone

Unless you are an experienced event planner, don’t try to coordinate an entire wedding all by yourself. The days of a bride doing all the work are in the past, as now more than 40% of couples work together to plan their wedding. Recruit a few friends or relatives whose judgment you trust to join your team. Make the most out of your assistants by delegating tasks. Don’t forget to let the groom help with planning; it’s his special day too! Three out of four grooms help with selecting items for the wedding registry. Dress shopping might be something best left to other friends or relatives though, as only eight % of grooms get to see the wedding dress before the big day.

3. Don’t Forget About Location

When planning your event, make sure that your location is suitable for the amount of guests, and that the atmosphere is right for the occasion. Baby showers are often held at a restaurant or the home of the hostess, but you may want to consider some options for unique baby shower locations such as a park or spa. Research beautiful wedding places or unique baby shower locations, and make sure to visit the options before making the final decision. For a reception that accommodates a lengthy guest list, consider reserving a banquet hall. Banquet halls are optimal venues for high quality parties or events as they provide a large, comfortable, and visually pleasing space.

If you have any other “do’s” or “dont’s” for planning the perfect event, please let us know! Learn more at this link.

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