Three Advantages Of Ibogaine Addiction Treatment


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Addiction is a serious problem, and it’s not going away anytime soon. One of the many reasons why addiction is such an issue for Americans is that we don’t fully understand it still — we act as if the only things people can be addicted to are illicit drugs. Slowly, this attitude is starting to change. While millions of Americans are addicted to illicit drugs, you can be addicted to legal substances as well. Alcohol addiction is a major issue that Americans are dealing with. Despite its legality, alcohol not only has severe physical effects on the addict — it also makes the world much more dangerous for everyone around alcoholics. Of course, alcohol is far from the only legal substance that causes addiction. Prescription pills are also extremely problematic and highly addictive. People with chronic pain issues can be addicted to prescription painkillers without even knowing it, and it can be difficult for physicians to assess this kind of addiction. Addiction to certain negative activities can also occur — people can be addicted to spending, and of course, as recent scandals have highlighted, addicted to sex. Yet all addictions can be traced back to the same issue in many cases — mental illness. It’s estimated that 6.8 million addicts also suffer from mental illness. An effective addiction treatment program has to confront this reality. Luckily, ibogaine addiction treatment does just that. An ibogaine detox is unlike many other drug treatment programs. Let’s look into its benefits, so that we can better understand why it works.

1. It’s Natural

Many addiction treatment programs use either harsh, bare-bones tactics that induce withdrawal or chemical medications that can cause severe side effects — including, ironically, dependency problems. While this isn’t to say that these kinds of programs never work, ibogaine addiction treatment is a more natural approach in many ways. For one thing, ibogaine clinics are often secluded and relaxing, allowing patients to focus on themselves and facing their fears. For another, ibogaine is literally a naturally occurring substance. A psychoactive substance, ibogaine is derived from several different plants, including the iboga plant. Before we began using ibogaine for addiction treatment purposes, it was consumed by the Bwiti people for religious ceremonies. Patients often appreciate that it is a natural approach with a long history, and that furthermore they know what they’re consuming. It gives them a sense of control — and adds history to the treatment.

2. It Works

Ibogaine therapy has been shown to have strong results in helping people fight addiction. When used to addressed opiate addiction, ibogaine has been known to have a major success rate in treating 98% of withdrawal symptoms, as well as high success with treating post-acute withdrawal syndrome. Not only that — but when used to treat opiate addiction, ibogaine has been shown to alleviate cravings for stimulants and alcohol. The fact is that ibogaine is a great approach for people who feel as if they’ve tried everything. If no matter how hard you work, you keep struggling with addiction, this could be for you. The reason being is that ibogaine doesn’t try to force you into giving up what you’re addicted to — rather it treats withdrawal symptoms and the mental illnesses surrounding the addiction, which are usually what makes the cravings so difficult to ignore. It’s a much smoother approach to addiction treatment, and its gentler methods cannot be ignored.

3. It Confronts Mental Illness

A psychedelic, ibogaine is usually broken down into a visionary phase and an introspective phase. The visionary phase lasts for four to six hours, and is essentially a waking dream. The introspective phase is the truly effective one — it allow people to face their fears. With ibogaine treatment, you are able to conquer your fears and process your traumas in a safe environment, watched over the entire time. By acknowledging the root of the problem with addiction — fear and mental illness — ibogaine uses ancient substances to treat modern problems.

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