The Top 5 Wants of New Home Buyers


Every home buyer is looking for something. It might be that patio in the backyard. Or that garage with ample storage space. The housing market is competitive. Houses are being sold left and right. A seller’s job is simple: Make their house stand out.

Experts estimate that renovations have a Return-On-Investment of 57%. That’s not large in terms of money put in.

But it’s huge in another respect: The actual sale.

A buyer choosing between houses with a backyard patio and one without will choose the house with the backyard patio. If they are at the same price.


It’s an image. They picture themselves with friends hanging out. That backyard patio becomes part of the dream they have.

57%. It seems like a low number. But renovations make the difference in how fast you sell your home. Here are five wants of new home buyers.

One: Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans aren’t sexy. They’re not going to wow anyone. But they serve two important functions.

Ceiling fans reduce energy costs. The air conditioner does the bulk of the work, lowering the temperature of the house. The ceiling fan takes over from their, providing a nice, cool breeze for anyone sitting beneath them.

They create a breath of cool air, which enables the home owner to switch off the air conditioning.

Ceiling fans have aesthetic: They provide some color towards the ceiling and accent any wood furniture. Ceiling fans provide a sense of warmth to any room they’re installed.

Two: Energy-Star Appliances

People looking for “homes for sale near me” struggle with energy costs. This happens to all of us. Energy costs make up over 50% of a utility bill, according to some experts. Therein comes the Energy-Star Appliances.

They work simply: Regulating the electricity needed for each appliance and using only what’s necessary. The result? Lowered energy costs. This goes for the dryer, the washing machine, the dishwasher, and more.

Energy-Star goes even further: They provide energy efficient windows. They have multiple panes and insulation, restricting heat from escaping outdoors.

People buying a home, buying a new home, or buying a townhouse want energy efficiency.

Three: Garage Space

One attribute that separates homes is a garage. Ever been in a winter where the snow piles high around the cars or turns them into freezer boxes?

A garage has more value than just storing cars, according to various experts. Americans have a great many things and need a place to store them. That storage space needs to be organized.

That’s where the garage comes in.

Prospective buyers who see a well-organized garage space think of the possibilities: Stacking boxes full of video games, hanging hardware equipment, putting all that sporting equipment organized and lined up for the next event.

Garage space is a determining factor for many new home buyers.

Four: The Laundry Room

Laundry takes time. A family of four might do laundry for half a day. As the loads are coming in and out, the family needs a place to hang them.

Laundry rooms, according to some experts and polls, are the number one desired feature of a house. It creates space for hanging, folding, and stacking.

This may not be an easy renovation to make, but if you can, prospective home buyers will be more interested in purchasing.

Five: Hardwood Floors

Some flooring types, like vinyl carpet, go with the current trends. Some are classic, like hardwood floors.

Hardwood floors are wanted by prospective home buyers of all generations, from the elderly to the Millennials. The aesthetics are clear: They warm up a home, provide accents to furniture, ceiling fans, and window panes.

They have utility: They are easy to clean, easy to walk on, and easy to repair, if there is a nick or gouge.

Those searching for “homes for sale near me” will find ones with hardwood floors. Those will be there first choice. Prospective buyers who search “homes for sale near me” will purchase the one with the best features (and the corresponding price).

This is a list of the five most desired features of a home. Prospective buyers (those searching for “homes for sale near me”) will want these features. If you have them, your home will sell quicker.

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