The Steps You Need to Take to Get Your Home Under Control


Craft room storage

No matter where you live or how much stuff you have, for most of us, storage always seems to be an issue. This isn’t surprising, when you consider that there’s an average of 300,000 items in one person’s home! There’s never enough space or the storage we have isn’t quite working to manage all our overflow or we’re finding that we’re constantly misplacing things, due to disorganization. This problem can only get worse if you’re a crafter and have extra crafting materials stored away as well. However, with organization furniture, hanging craft storage, and white modular storage cubes (among other items), you can get your home under control and restore order. Other than increasing your storage options, enforcing the idea that every item has a place with family members can help keep your home tidy as well.

How Can I Get My Home In Order?

The first thing you need to do is take stock of your home. Which room (or rooms) are the worst disasters? Start at your crisis point. Before you even think about organizing, you’ll want to clean out the shelf, drawer, cabinet, closet (or room) that’s crammed full and decide what you want to keep and what can be given away or thrown out. You might be surprised at how light you feel afterwards!

Once you have the items you know you want to keep, then it’s time to start plotting where things should go. Whether you organize some of your crafting material with hanging craft storage, or finally buy a few more bookcases, you’ll at least know what you’re working with. And, if things are truly too overwhelming, you can always call in a professional organizer to help.

What Organizational Tools Might Be Particularly Useful?

Your storage should fit the space you’re working with. Hanging craft storage might be perfect if you have plenty of wall space, but not so much extra room on the ground. In the bedroom, a three drawer organizer can help organize underwear, ties, scarves, or socks — little things that frequently get misplaced or jumbled about.
Investing in hangers, hooks, and hanging shoe storage can also help create some order in your closet.

Generally speaking, bookcases can hold just about anything — and they don’t have to be used for just books! Displaying pots, pans, or other bigger items in your kitchen using a bookcase can be a great way to store them.

Stacking bins or cubes that can double as furniture pack a two-for-one punch. Not only can you stow things away in them, but you also have extra seating available! And, even if they can’t be used as chairs or footrests, stacking bins or cubes help with vertical storage, using your space most effectively.

In the kitchen, living room, and den, designating drawers, plastic bins, and shelves for toys, hobby materials, and the miscellaneous knicknacks that find their way into every home is useful — especially if you label them!

Where Can I Find the Right Storage and Organization Furniture?

There are plenty of home goods stores that offer some storage and organizational furniture, especially bins, plastic tubs, and drawer organizers. Floating by some of your favorite stores or keeping an eye out for items you need at those stores can be a good way to slowly but surely assemble a working organizational system.

However, if you’re looking for a whole system (say, for your closet), online stores may be a great place to look for diversity and easy transportation (delivered to your door, what could be easier than that?). Plus, if you’re doing a massive organizational overhaul, you can get everything you need at one place online, instead of driving around to various brick-and-mortar stores to cobble together all the pieces you need.

Whether you need hanging craft storage supplies, cube organizer baskets, or a totally new organizational system, this spring is the time to get your stuff under control! Reduce the stress of not being able to find items you need and of a cluttered house — head to your nearest computer to do some online organizational shopping!

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