The Right Venue and Services for a Wedding


Preparing for a wedding is certainly a lot of work, as there are countless factors and expenses to juggle. Fortunately, any bride and groom can hire a wedding planner to help them, and they may also recruit their parents, friends, and more to help out, too. With that in mind, what to look for in a good wedding venue? Are banquet halls best, or perhaps an outdoor wedding under a large party tent? Outdoor weddings are quite popular, as they may have gorgeous backgrounds in good weather, and there will be enough room for everyone. During winter or bad weather, though, ballrooms and banquet halls will be better, and usually, the most formal weddings always call for a banquet hall rather than an outdoor venue. This is all a matter of personal taste, as there is no “wrong” way to set up a wedding and reception. Meanwhile, the best catering companies can be found for food, drinks, flowers, and much more. What to look for in caterers or rental sites?

Venue and Rentals

All weddings need a venue, and banquet halls may come ready-made with tables and chairs in some cases. This may not always be the case, though. If an indoor venue does not come with tables and chairs and linens, or if the wedding is going to be outside, the wedding planners will find some rental hardware instead. What to look for? A sufficiently large tent, tables and chairs, linens, and in some cases, lights will be needed.

Preparing an outdoor wedding means some unique logistical planning. The best venue outdoors will have plenty of room for everyone, but renting a tent comes last. First, the wedding planners will refer to the finalized guest list. Making a guest list is a whole topic in itself, but at some point, that list will be finalized, with a hard number of attendees. With this number, the planners will know how many people must be seated, and that dictates how many tables and chairs they rent from a dedicated rental site. The size and shape of tables are a matter of taste, though round tables complete with chairs may be a common choice.

Next, the planners will add up the area of all those tables, and the space between them for chairs and walking aisles, to determine the total square footage. An indoor venue of course has a fixed square footage, but for tent rentals, the planners will have to figure it out. There must be room between the tables for walking and for everyone to slide out their chairs to stand up, after all. Once that is calculated, the renters may look for tent and linen rentals. What to look for in tents? The renters are advised to visit a tent rental company in person before committing to anything, as this gives them a chance to look over a tent in person before renting it. A good tent will be sufficient size and will not have tears, holes, stains, or other damage on its fabric. Meanwhile, the planners may look for linen rental companies and find enough linens to cover the tables. The size and square footage of each table will dictate which linens to get in terms of size. The material and color are a matter of preference.

Outdoor Venues

Where should the wedding take place? Some brides and grooms marry in their local house of worship, especially those they have attended before. In other cases, they may book space at a local park during spring or early autumn, and some brides and grooms choose truly exotic locations for the best wedding places. Beach weddings are a common choice, often on the California or Hawaii coast. Beach weddings are somewhat informal with a dress code to match, and the attendees may wear lightweight clothes with light colors to avoid overheating. The attendees may even be barefoot, with men rolling up their pants legs to the knee. In other cases, Alaska can provide stunning backdrops in summer and spring, making for a memorable wedding indeed. It may be tricky to fly everyone to that northern state, but an outdoor wedding there may be unlike any other, with mountains, lakes, glaciers, and pine forests as a natural backdrop.

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