The Right Tables and Linens for an Outdoor Event


Many different types of gatherings can be held outdoors as well as indoors, so long as the event’s organizers rent all the correct hardware for the occasion. This certainly includes outdoor weddings, which prove popular in warm weather, but also events such as a child’s bar or bat mitzvah, a charity meal, a public speech or presentation, or even a musical performance or something more unique. What these events have in common is the need for table rentals, linen rentals for tables, party rentals, tent rentals, and the like. Why so much renting? These items may prove expensive to actually purchase in the necessary numbers, and the event’s organizers might not have anywhere to store all those items, anyway. Rather, linen rentals for tables and tent rental can be made easy when the event’s organizers look to local companies that offer such materials. This can be much more budget friendly and allow a stylish outdoor event to run smoothly. What is there to know about linen rentals for tables and the like?

The Tables and Chairs

These outdoor events certainly call for a large party tent and linen rentals for tables, but before that, the event’s organizers should start with the basic numbers: the guest list. Before renting all the tables and linens and tent, it is important to know the event’s scale. Fortunately, it’s typical for a wedding or bar mitzvah, for example, to include a finalized guest list. This simple number is the starting point, and the organizers will use it to determine what type of tables to rent, and how many. What is more, these tables may vary in their shape, size, and how many people they may seat. A smaller event of perhaps 50 people might only call for a single long table, but a wedding with 250 guests will call for a number of round tables instead. The total guest count makes this rental easier. And naturally, this also determines how many chairs will be rented.

The style of those tables and chairs will vary based on the event’s type and the organizer’s preferences, as a charity meal might only call for fold-out chairs but a wedding or bar/bat mitzvah may require comfortable, stylish wooden chairs with padding, and tables to match. But there is now the matter of organizing it all. The event’s organizers will arrange those tables and chairs so that there is enough room between all the tables for people to walk, and there should be enough room for people to slide their chairs in and out. This may require a lot of square footage, but fortunately, that makes it much easier to determine what size a tent the event will call for. Party tents can often be quite large, so even if the square footage adds up fast, the event’s organizers should find a few tent models at local rental sites that can fit it all. What is more, the guest seating may be arranged so that the elderly, or people with walkers, crutches, or wheelchairs, sit at the edge of the seating area so they don’t have to navigate the tight spaces between tables.

Tents and Linen Rentals for Tables

The core of the outdoor event is set up when all the tables of the correct type are arranged correctly. With that in place, the event’s organizers can now rent some linens, too, to decorate those tables. Rarely will an event have bare wooden tables; rather, the organizers can turn to specialized table linen rental sites (which will probably be separate from the table rental sites). The material, color, and style used is a matter of preference, though the tables must be used as a reference for necessary size. Linens of the wrong size would make for a poor appearance.

A tent with the right square footage can be found at local tent rental companies, though the renters are encouraged to visit in person before they finalize a rental. This is so they can check a tent for rips, stains, holes, or any other damage or defects. Some tents may even come with fabric walls complete plastic windows. This can make for a sort of indoor space for privacy or protection against sudden bad weather.

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