The Right Bedsheets for the Job


Bedding is often taken for granted, but the wrong bedding may make for an uncomfortable night, while fine bedding can make for a fine night’s sleep. This applies to babies, children, and adults alike, and thus, there is a wide variety of different sheet types and materials. Some sheets are fairly standard, and others are more specialized, such as baby waterproof sheets, hypoallergenic crib sheets, fitted crib sheets with a high thread count, or bed protector sheets for children or even adults. Such hypoallergenic crib sheets can make bedding safer as well as comfortable, and babies in particular may need hypoallergenic crib sheets fitted on. After all, a baby’s immune system is still developing, and babies and toddlers are known for often catching illnesses or suffering from airborne particles or fumes. Thus, hypoallergenic crib sheets can keep a baby safe.

Baby Bedding

What is there to know about a baby and its sleep needs? Babies spend most of their time asleep, interrupted by waking up for a diaper change or feeding, and baby bedding is quite specialized. A baby’s sleeping arrangement will not be like that of its parents; when asleep at night, unsupervised, babies should not have access to pillows or loose blankets or sheets. They could even pose a suffocation hazard, so naturally, parents will keep them away. Babies may have blankets or pillows when having supervised naps, but that is the exception. Otherwise, a baby’s crib is designed for maximum safety and comfort alike.

A baby’s crib will not only be the wooden frame itself, but also a thick, padded mattress the right size for that crib. Over that mattress will be a fitted sheet, which will envelop that mattress like an extra layer. The baby cannot get under that fitted sheet, which is the whole idea. Rather, when asleep at night, a baby will wear long-sleeved pajamas and maybe a hat, and sleep right on top of that mattress and sheet, no blankets or pillows involved. This may look pretty bare-bones, but it is the safest arrangement for any baby. The baby’s pajamas act as hazard-free blankets that they can wear, keeping them warm.

Meanwhile, those fitted sheets may be customized somewhat. The sheets may vary in their thread count, and the sheets may in fact be hypoallergenic crib sheets. The parents may get advice from a pediatrician on whether their young child needs such sheets, along with another other hypoallergenic measures. Even the crib’s paint may be a hypoallergenic model, to help keep the baby safe. The crib may also have a waterproof pad in it, between the mattress and the fitted sheet if the parents believe it is necessary.

Adult Sheets

Older children, adolescents, and adults are not concerned about hazards in their bedding, so they can enjoy a full range of materials. A bed will of course have a mattress, and probably box springs, too. Mattresses will have a full size fitted sheet on them, or several at once. If need be, waterproof layers can be added, as children old enough for regular beds are known to wet the bed sometimes. Some children might wet the bed as old as five years old, so precautions can help.

What about thread count? This describes the number of threads in a square inch of fabric, either vertical or horizontal. Thread counts often vary between 300 and 800 or so, and to different effect. A lower thread count is ideal for warmer weather, making for blankets that breathe more easily. In cooler weather and conditions, higher thread count bedding may preferred, as such bedding offers a very soft and warm surface that may feel luxurious to the touch. This may apply to fitted sheets, loose sheets and blankets, and pillows alike.

Naturally, washing all that bedding is a must. Bedding may accumulate dried sweat, skin flakes, and more. This is natural, and regular washing can help prevent too much of a buildup. Many Americans report that freshly washed bedding smells wonderful and is very relaxing to sleep in, often making for a better night’s sleep. Very old or worn out bedding, including the mattress, can be replaced entirely with new materials. This can also help freshen and update the bedroom’s looks.

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