The Benefit of Private Schools


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Raising a child can be an incredible thing, but it can also prove to be incredibly stressful. Reason being is that you, as a parent or caregiver, can become mentally burdened by consistently asking yourself whether or not you’re doing the right thing. Within this child-caring and child-rearing role, it begs to ask “what’s right”:

  • Am I raising them correctly?
  • Have I poorly influenced them by my own actions?
  • Am I providing them with the best life I can?
  • Am I cutting two many corners in raising them?
  • Are there times when I could have done better?

These are all valid questions to ask yourself, as a parent or caregiver. The role of a parent/caregiver is a strenuous one, wrought with the unknowing, wherein the results of your parenting will not become apparent until a later point in time, a time when most of these influences will have already become instilled in the child. However, when asking yourself whether there was a time when you could have done better or provided them with something better, there is one situation that allows for a simple choice.

When entering your child into a school system, you should be asking yourself whether or not they are attending the best schools — best preschools, best prep schools, etc.. When it comes to public school versus private school, the answer is straightforward: Public schools are not the best schools available for your child. The data goes to show too. There are countless benefits of private school education, just in comparison to public school educations:

  1. While 4% of private school teachers report that students have problems with apathy, the rate in public schools is at 21%
  2. While 3% of private school parents have an issue with educational involvement, the rate is at 24% for public schools
  3. Private school counselors state that 55% of their time is spent on college-related counseling, while only 22% of public school counselors spend their time on the same subject matter

Compared to public institutions, private prep schools — preschool, elementary school, middle school, or high school — are far better for your child, proving that they are the best schools available. Besides the basic facts presented above, what are the other reasons for private schools being considered the best schools available? The benefits of private school education comes down to the ability to highlight your children.

Whereas public schools need to follow state guidelines, private schools can properly take the time to focus on your child, viewing them as a unique individual rather than just another student within the system. This means that your child can work one-on-one with the administration to perfectly set their own curriculum each semester, focusing their education on the subject material that they are either (1) best at or (2) are most interested in. Similarly, there are more options available at the schools, furthering the reason why they are the best schools. One such instance is that there are private art high schools, of which provide education towards students most interested in the fine arts — theater, painting, music, writing. For any student that knows they are disinterested in exploring a career in the technological sciences, they can enter into a fine arts high school, otherwise, entering one of the best schools fit for their interests.

Your child is an important part of your life; you want to be sure that you are raising them to the best of your ability. To ensure that they are receiving the best education possible, consider a private prep school, one that provides for the betterment of them rather than having the student work to meet standardized state-based scores.

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