Taking Care of Plumbing Issues in the Home


Water is central to human life, and any home or commercial building will have a water system to deliver fresh water for utilities such as the sink, toilet, and shower, and cleaner water for drinking and cooking every minute of every day. A water system may include the pipes to deliver water for use as well as pipes to take away dirty and used water, and a home may have a water heater as well, which will need its own maintenance and inspection every so often. But there may be signs for when a home water filter is faulty or a commercial water system is delivering undesirable water to a home or commercial building. Bad tasting water is one way to diagnose a water issue in a building, and a water system left untreated can make a home impossible to live in. What problems might ail a home’s water system, and what can be done to fix it?

Rates of Water

This liquid is needed for human life and most daily functions. A lack of it is dehydration, and this can quickly lead to various symptoms, leading up to death in serious cases, so drinking enough liquids is key to good health. Some studies have been done to measure this. In one study for the effects of wat4er and headaches, participants said that they had “total relief” from their headaches within 30 minutes when they drank water, with an average of two cups of it. What is more, chronic dehydration has been named “the hidden epidemic” in the United States and it is estimated that 75% of North Americans are chronically dehydrated, so a good water system in a home or public building is critical to helping avoid this health issue. Dehydration can cause headaches, a dry tongue, dizziness, weakness, and eventually, it can kill a person. For the home’s shower, faucets, and more, good water must always be in supply.

Problems with Plumbing

What issues might plague a home’s or a commercial building’s water system? Hard water is one such issue that is fairly common. What is hard water? Whenever water has a high enough concentration of dissolved calcium or magnesium in it, the water is considered hard, and there is even a scale for measuring water hardness. Hard water can quickly make its presence known by such signs as white spots of dried calcium on dishes, stiff and dry clothes after washing, and irritation in the hair and scalp after a person bathes in it. The good news is that certain devices can be installed in a home or public building to help prevent hard water from getting in. Crews can install a filter that will use beads, and these beads will attract particles or atoms of calcium and magnesium to their surfaces. Once a bead is saturated with these atoms, it will scrub itself clean in the salts at the bottom of a side tank and then resume its work. As long as such a filter is working, water will be softened to levels that are considered acceptable.

Other dissolved elements in water can make it dangerous to drink or disrupt daily work such as washing dishes or laundry, and if a private well or commercial water system’s filters are damaged, or if other maintenance issues arise, water may also contain a lot of harmful bacteria or even microscopic parasites, and this can lead to health issues. Homes can have multiple filters in them for dissolved contaminants or biological intruders, and this can range from hard water filters in the pipes all the way to commercially available filters that can be attached onto a faucet that makes it purer and cleaner to drink and use. The home’s plumbing can be replaced or repaired over time as needed, and very old or dirty pipes can contaminate water even if the water coming from a well or public utility is clean enough to use. New, clean and modern pipes can help keep water cleaner and safer to drink and use, making plumbing services a good investment for any homeowner who wants cleaner water in the home. Public building managers can do much the same and hire crews to replace old pipes every so often, or face health issues and complaints.

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