Take the Event Outside with Party Tent Rentals


Party tent rental

Having an outdoor wedding can be one of the most beautiful experiences of your life. The clear skies, skinning sun, light breeze; everything can be picture perfect. Unless of course it isn’t. The fear of inclement weather keeps many brides and grooms from taking the leap outside.

There is no reason you can not have your dream outdoor wedding regardless of the weather with party tent rentals. A tent rental provides the peace of mind needed to move forward with your event. Table and chair rentals can turn that rent into a luxurious ballroom. Wedding decorations rentals and wedding linen rentals have grown massively in popularity as people are realizing the cost effectiveness of renting over buying.

Aside from saving a significant amount of money, renting everything you need for your special day enables you to customize the look of your event while still having it outside. Too many people think they have to choose between and outdoor event and an upscale event. Outdoor does not automatically mean barbeque. There are plenty of beautiful options.

While you may not get the atmosphere you were hoping for, party tent rentals allow the party to go even if it starts raining. In that case, you can have all the sides drawn and closed and you won’t even know what is happening outside. Your luxurious outdoor event can turn into a luxurious indoor/outdoor event. When the rain lets up, you can have the sides opened back up and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine again.

A few things to keep in mind if you are planning your big day to be an outdoor event. You will need to make sure the DJ or band has access to an electrical source for their microphones and equipment. While dancing on grass is certainly an option, guests may prefer a dance floor, which you can rent to the size you want and have it installed before anyone arrives.

You can also choose to have multiple tents, opposed to one massive tent. Multiple tents allow you to separate things a bit. For example, you can have the food set up in an adjacent tent, which would allow the servers to come and go without disrupting any of the guests. You can also have the dance floor outside the main tent, which will allow more people to join without having to move tables.

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