Should You Hire a Public Adjuster?


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If you own a home, there is a significant chance you may have to submit some type of insurance claim, whether for fire damage, flood damage or some other problem. Unfortunately, filing an insurance claim has rightfully earned a reputation for being a long, arduous process that can take significant time and effort to complete. If you want to successfully access the coverage you have paid for, it can seem that you have no choice but to slog through this procedure. But what if there was someone who could do it for you? By hiring public adjuster services, you could save yourself the work of submitting an insurance claim and possibly even see more money as a result. But what is a public adjuster? And how do you know if this service is for you? Read on to find out.

What Are Public Adjuster Services?
Just as insurance companies hire insurance claims adjusters assist with claims, public adjusters are insurance specialists. However, these professionals work for the homeowner, helping them to interpret their homeowner’s policy, assess damage and repair costs, and negotiate with the insurance company until the claim is settled. Public adjuster services cannot help you if your insurance policy does not cover the damage that has occurred and they may not be right for all insurance claims, but in certain situations, they may be exactly what a homeowner needs to repair significant damage to their homes.

When Do You Need a Public Adjuster?
Public adjusters often say that using their service is usually an individual judgement call: some homeowners may feel that they don’t need their help, while others find their assistance invaluable. However, as a general rule, policyholders who have losses of $10,000 or more or are having difficulty negotiating with their insurance company, public adjuster services should be considered. For example, if you are having trouble keeping in touch with your insurance company’s adjuster, working with an experienced public adjuster can make the process less stressful and hopefully more fruitful.

How Do You Find a Public Adjuster?
Insurance experts often recommend checking the website of the National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters (NAPIA). The organization thoroughly vets its members, requiring all applicants to be licensed and have been in business for two years. However, a license unfortunately isn’t always a sign of trustworthiness: public adjusters often recommend that clients check the services’ websites and references, and look for complaints on their state’s insurance department website.

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