Rent Tables and Linens For An Outdoor Event


A variety of events may require a lot of tables, chairs, and linens for all the guests and attendees. These may range from an outdoor wedding under a party tent all the way to a bar/bat mitzvah to charity meals or a large outdoor conference. What these events have in common is the need for the right hardware, and most often, it is much more price friendly to rent them than buy them. It would cost quite a bit to actually purchase all the tables, chairs, and linens needed for an outdoor party with 200 guests, and the buyers would need to find storage space for all those items later on. Instead, renting linens and party rentals for tables and tents is usually the best route. In any American city or region, there will be some companies that offer linen options and various linen colors for the tables at large events. Linens and tables are usually rented from different companies, but all these materials can be combined to make a fine event. Thus, renting linens can be cost friendly and easily get the job done. And renting linens means not having to find storage space later.

Chair Rentals and Table Rental

An outdoor event may call for chairs, tables, renting linens, and renting a party tent, but renting these items must be done in the right order. Party tents vary in their square footage, and the necessary square footage for an event should not be estimated. Instead, renting linens and tables starts with the guest list. Any event will have a finalized guest list at some point, especially weddings, and the final guest list presents a solid number to work with.

With that number in mind, the event’s organizers will know how much seating the rented tables must offer, and get enough chairs to match. The type of event may dictate what sort of tables are rented, as tables may be long rectangles, or round, or even oval shaped or square. Enough tables of the correct type, which each seat a certain number of people, will be rented from the correct type of rental company, along with all the chairs.

That, in turn, will help everyone figure out the necessary square footage. The total square footage come4s from not only the room the tables and chairs take up, but creating sufficient space between tables for people to walk, and enough room for chairs to slide in and out with ease. All of that will add up to the total square footage, and that will help renters find the correct tent for their event. Or if it is an indoor event, this square footage helps them find a convention center or other site with large enough rooms.

Tents and Linens

With all the tables and chairs established, now it is time for renting linens and the tent. The linens will probably come from dedicated linen rental companies, and they may offer table linens in a variety of colors, materials, styles, and square footage of each linen piece. Finding the right linens is a matter of knowing the size and shape of each table, and then the colors and materials involved are a matter of personal taste. Linens for a wedding, for example, may be white with lace, or lavender silk, or anything else decorative like that. Linens can be made of silk, cotton, and more.

Finally, the tent will be rented, and it will come from a specialized tent rental site. Hardly anyone is actually going to buy a large party tent for their event; rentals are more common. Renting a tent means visiting the company site to look over the tents in person, to find one with not just the right square footage, but also ensure that a tent is in good condition. The renters can check a tent’s fabric for rips, holes, worn out spots, or any other defects. Some tents might even come with fabric walls that include windows made of clear plastic, to create a more indoor feel (or better protect the occupants from the weather). Extra features like those might be optional, depending on the rental site and tent model.

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