Relaxing, Beautiful, And Fruitful How Gardens Are Becoming America’s Number One Home Hobby


Your home is feeling a little…drab lately. Not just the interior, but the exterior.

Perhaps it’s time to look into landscaping companies and cure what’s ailing your home. The garden is a fantastic place to start, particularly for those that could also use a new hobby during the week. Beautiful and able to provide you with hours of relaxing work, grapevine nurseries have remained one of the most popular landscaping additions in the United States. They can start small, just enough for a few flowers, or span your entire backyard to supplement your cupboard. Looking for a place to start?

It’s time to brush up on your knowledge of the plant nursery and all the subtle, and overt, ways it can enhance your life.

Landscaping is how we sculpt our environment to the last detail and reflect who we are in the process. For some this means renovating the driveway to increase their curb appeal. For others this means a brighter, happier lawn. A recent study revealed the average homeowner spends four hours a week caring for their lawn — depending on where you live that can range from 150 hours to over 200 hours per year. Taking good care of your outdoor plants not just makes your home look better, but can leave a positive impact on your energy bill.

How so, you ask? Tall trees are a natural way of blocking light in the summer, providing natural shade that only gets better when strategically placed (such as next to a window). Recent estimates have gauged your summer energy bill can be slashed by 20%, which only gets higher when you add shrubbery to the list. A healthy lawn and plentiful trees also clears up your air and traps annoying dust, pollen, and dander. Reducing outdoor air pollution and improving your energy bill in one go…it’s not hard to see why landscaping companies have so many visitors as of late!

When you invest in a landscaping and design company it invests in you, one aspect of your life at a time. Spending a mere 5% of your home’s value on a landscaping venture can net you an ROI of 150% or more. In fact, most real estate agents today will recommend homeowners pick up a landscaping project so they can increase their home’s curb appeal, particularly if you want to sell sooner rather than later. A survey asking American homeowners about their attitudes toward their home found 85% stating a healthy yard is important. Some want a pretty house, while others entertain in their backyards weekly.

Gardening takes on many different forms. Food and flower gardening, specifically, were the most popular gardening activities just last year. One out of three households spent several hours per week doing the former, while another one out of three are devoted to the latter. This has resulted in an impressive $5 billion raked in every year growing vegetables, fruit, berries, herbs, and flowers. Gardening is proven to be good for your health, too. It reduces rates of anxiety and depression, improving your mood one project at a time.

Choosing the right nursery center means asking what you want out of your garden. Lawn and garden spending reached an amazing $35 billion back in 2015, according to recent studies, and isn’t going down anytime soon. Growing flowers is great for beginners, offering you a little less work while still delivering lovely results. For those that want even more function out of their garden, fruits and vegetables are likely the choice for you. Landscaping companies have all the supplies and how-to books to get you off on the right foot.

Your home could use a touch-up. So could your workweek. Garden nurseries at your nearby landscaping companies are a gorgeous and relaxing solution that’ll last for years.

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